No Smoking Day 2021

No Smoking Day 2021
No Smoking Day 2021

Wishing you a very happy No smoking day!!! This day wish manage for the happiness because it prevent two savings :

  • One who is smoking.
  • One who is breathing in the air of smoke.

No smoking day is celebrated on the Second Wednesday of Every month of March. In 2020 , this would be celebrated on the date of ‘11th March 2020’. This day had been celebrated to motivate the individuals to  boycott or quit smoking . However to quit or boycott smoking doesn’t require any special or particular day , it requires an settled and managed decision to quit.

No smoking day is celebrated to create awareness among the people about the hazardous and lethal disease preferred due to smoking. This day is celebrated to convey the addicted person with the smoking to get rid off or overcome this problem. 

The Need and purpose of this day celebration is to overcome the consumption of cigarettes , hookah ‘s , tobacco and smoking among the people. This is known as one of worst and unfavorable habits which gives only bad and dangerous impacts to our and other’s life.

 This habit is injurious to all the generation but most chances with the youth and young generation. This habit is conduct due to various reasons:

  • Due to curiosity.
  • Due to copy.
  • Overcoming the problems.
  • Intention of grownup adults.
  • By identifying their upper generation.
  • Due to a bad environment or company.

This also impacts not an internal personality but external too , it prefers the yellowish of teeth , coughing , bad breath and the bad smell from the clothes. This also manages with the emotions expression which leads irritation , angerness , depression etc.

This day celebration doesn’t manage to create awareness and to evil her but manage events to quit by managing railes , programs organizing. This also defines favorable outcomes and managing life in an effective manner. This is so because smoking is injurious to health and the last measure or step is death.

This day celebration celebrates when the individuals boycott this habit. This day manages for that event which can reduce that problem and habit from smoking habit. This had been celebrated at the annual event or National celebration.This day consider helping hand to smokers to overcome and rid off this assessment.

Smoking is that habit which an individual cannot get rid off , because of this many tablets and consultancy introduced as tablet ‘Nicotex’ had main involvement in it. This habit would be overcome by performing the events as follows:

  • By mental and emotional support.
  • Strict mindset.
  • Due to physical distortion.
  • By resolution.
  • By good vocabulary assertion or phrases as when there is will , there is a way.

 This had firstly taken place in the year of 1984. The day organized events funded by the government and various charities and voluntary sectors. This day was identified by the Health organization due to degradation of health awareness among the people due to smoking and main involvement of WHO (World Health Organization).

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