National Technology Day 2021

National Technology Day
National Technology Day

National Technology Day is celebrated on 11th May. The initiative to celebrate this day was taken by the Prime Minister. In today’s time, technology is very important. Because technology is necessary in every work and it also makes work easier. This day tells about the importance and value of technology.

The celebration of National Technology Day started in 1999. On 11 May 1998, India successfully tested nuclear power in Pokhran. This day is based on the same nuclear power test. With this, India also became known as a powerful country in the whole world. First India does not have any such power which is related to technology.

In earlier times when America, Russia, China had nuclear power and due to this they were given more importance in the world. According to these countries, India was a backward country. But after successful testing of nuclear power, India too proved his mettle in the field of technology. With this, India also got the status of a powerful country, which started getting a response in the whole world.

By the way, we all know about technology. It plays different roles in every field. This is a modern technology whose field has increased day by day. Due to this technology, space has been tested. Apart from this, other planets have also been discovered and information about their facts has been obtained.

It is related to science. Because as the field of science foiled, so did the development in technology. In today’s time everything is technology based. Through this, any person can get information about sitting in one place and can see it.

Technology is also important in daily life. Like people nowadays use phones, computers, machines. They too have been made by some technique. It helps in domestic work and works are done easily. Every person wants his work done quickly and easily.

The technique is also used in the field of education. As everyone knows, students have practical classes in which they are told about them. In which field does this technology work and what are its benefits. When students know about them, they do new tests.

There have been many scientists in the world who have told about different techniques. Such as Stephen Hocking, Albert Einstein, newton, James Watson, Galileo, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison, Robert Hooke, William Thomson, Gregor Mendel, John Dalton, etc. were all scientists who invented rough technology.

National Technology Day is always celebrated with a new theme. This day is also especially related to the field of education. Because a person can create tests or techniques only when he knows about them. This is an interest subject. Many institutes related to techniques have also been created which train students.

National Technology Day supports techniques because in today’s time its area has become huge. This makes every area important and also increases its value. People understand his importance by value. Therefore, everyone celebrates these days and contributes in the field of techniques.

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