National Sunglasses Day 2022 Quotes hd Images, 27 June

National sunglasses day is celebrated each year on June 27. It gains popularity each year. Organizations like the vision council are one of the reasons. “ sunglasses are a great way to show style” : said Dr Nogueras,Vice President of professional services for eyes. But there’s a lot more perfect finding pairs for the eye. We need to have UV protection,whether it is for children or adults,and the right lens options for our summer activities. Wearing sunglasses should be more than just making a fashion statement. Sunglasses also protect our eyes from the Ultra-violence rays of the sun which ocular cancer and vision loss. Just as UV and UV-B radiation can affect the skin,the sun can be equally damaging to our optical health. 

national sunglasses day
national sunglasses day

The American Optometric Association recommended choosing lenses that blocked out 99-100 % of UV-A and UV-B rays and screen to 75-90 % of visible light. It is important to match lens color and keep the surfaces smooth and distortion-free.

Depending on the activity, there are plenty of outdoor options when choosing protective eye wear. Polarized lenses reflect glare. Gray lenses provide proper color recognition. Blue-blocking lenses are a great choice for distinguishing long-distance objects or when boating, hunting or skiing. For Eyes was founded in 1972 in Philadelphia, PA, on the foundation that an optical store should have a friendly open environment with fair pricing and high-quality standards. Throughout the years, For Eyes has grown to nearly 120 stores across the United States. In December 2015 For Eyes became a part of Grand Vision, a global leader in optical retail. 

Different Types or Shapes of Sunglasses

  1. Prada model SPR07F first introduced the design as, but the design has undergone some changes since the 60s. Regardless, these sunglasses might be one of the only designs that can not only be worn with a suit, but that makes a suit look so good.
  2. Persol 714 the original folding glasses. The Persol 714 sunglasses debuted in the 1960s when the iconic actor Steve McQueen wore them in the film “The Thomas Crown Affair.” These glasses were based on the persol 649 model.
  3. Ray-Ban 3138 Shooters have a small circle between the lenses. Some say the circle aids in hunting or shooting. The sunglasses’ yellow color made it famous.
  4. Ray-Ban Wayfarer At their introduction in 1956, Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers revolutionary plastic frame made the design almost instantly popular. The design was a turning from the metal faced sunglasses that were popular at that time.
  5. Round and oversized sunglasses were often popularized by former first lady and fashion icon Jackie Kennedy during the years that her husband was the president. That is more identifiable by their large round shape and still serve to make a fashion statement. These sunglasses have a long shape so it’s hard to wear.
  6. Gold-Rimmed Aviator The history of the archetypal Ray-Ban Aviators begins in the 1930s when US Army pilots were reporting that the glare from the sun was giving them headaches and altitude sickness. American company was originally known as “Anti glare” sunglasses with plastic frames and green lenses were popular at that time ,after just a year letter they modified it and Rebranded as “ Aviators” as we know today.
  7. The Club master is a type of brow line sunglasses,which gets its name from the fact that the bold upper part of the frames lenses like the eyebrow frames the eyes.this club master sunglasses were introduced in the 1980s and gained popularity and quickly became the third best-selling sunglasses.
  8. Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck won an Oscar for his role as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film To Kill A Mockingbird, but he also won a fair amount of acclaim for the glasses frames he wore in the film. These frames are once again popular today, in 2011,when Oliver Peoples released a new model to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the novel that inspired.
  9. Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan Audrey Hepburn is one of film’s most well-known faces,and it was usually with a pair of Oliver Goldsmith Manhattans framing her eyes.These large,rounded-square sunglasses first made it famous.these sunglasses are still popular.
  10.  Rose-Colored Glasses to see the world through “Rose-Colored Glasses” is a phase that means to view the world in a perpetually optimistic, perhaps naive, and unrealistic way. The early mapmakers used rose petals to clean the lenses of the glasses. The natural oils protect the glass, but they would also leave a rose-colored stain.

Everyone loves a good set of shades. so why not grab your best sunglasses and make some waves at the pool, beach, or just walking down the street with your sweet shades. 

Why We Love National Sunglasses Day

  1. They make you look attractive ( and fun). Science has shown that sunglasses make us look more attractive.There are 3 main reasons here are mentioned below : 1) No face is perfectly consistent but sunglasses hide that.2) They add an air of mystery: when you cannot see someones eye movements, they appear more mysterious 3) the historical link between glamour and movie star,who adopted sunglasses in the 1950s to avoid paparazzi.
  2. They protect your vision : these sunglasses protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays of the sun. that is more harmful for our eyes and these are an ethology for our eyes.
  3. They keep us from getting wrinkles : sunglasses prevent wrinkles in two ways. 1) they keep our eyes relaxed and prevent squinting which help not come wrinkles on the corner of the eyes and 2) the block harmful skin can cause or damage the part of eyes that has removed the sensitive areas of the eye.

So wear sunglasses, for health and to always look awesome.

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