National Space Day 2021

National Space Day
National Space Day

National Space Day is celebrated every year on 1st Friday of May. This is promoted to technology, education, math, engineering, science. This field is connected to technical education. This is a way of digital progress. It makes it easy and quick to work. 

National Space Day is always celebrated in this field with happiness. Because this day makes people aware of more techniques. We also know about our space environment. Many interesting facets in our space. Some facets are given here about space. You can read these here. 

Our solar system has many planets. Sun is the star of the solar system. 
Names of planets are Mercury, Venus,Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
We live on earth. Another name of earth is green planet.
Another name of Mars is Red planet. This is the darkest planet in the solar system.
Huge planet in the solar system is Jupiter.
Smallest planet in the solar system is Mercury.
Coldest planet in the solar system is Neptune.
Brightest Planet in the solar system is Venus.
Sister of Earth’s planet is Venus.

ISRO is Indian Space Research Organization. This institute tries to do research on the planet. Many planets in the solar system. Solar system is made with many planets and vice planets. 

National Space Day aims to provide awareness between people and students. Everyone knows about our planet but every person doesn’t know about this.This day provides help to every person to understand about space. 

Space is a journey on the moon and other planets for research. Research is important for searching for new signs and new things on planets. Space is helpful for his work. 

Space institutes always research new planets for finding some new things and knowing about the truth of planets. Sometimes this gets success and sometimes fails. But this is helpful for the next space journey. 

Some countries are top ranking in space research. These are give here-

United State of America (NASA – National Aeronautics, & Space Administration)
China (CNSA – China National Space Administration)
Europe (ESA – European Space Agency)
Russia (ROSCOSMOS – Russian Federal Space Agency)
India (ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization)

This is an important day for every student because this day brings new knowledge in the brain and tells interesting facts of techniques to all. By this day students and people are easily aware of all space related subjects and fields. This is an increased interest level in students for knowledge. Knowledge is an important source for everything because it makes it easy to grow up. 

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