National Selfie Day 2022, Quotes, Caption, Images, June 21

Every Year people celebrate ‘National Selfie Day’ as a special occasion. This day is celebrated every year on the 23rd June. This day is celebrated to recognize the social media and smartphones are a part of our lives.This day describes the prosperity of selfie’s.

National Selfie Day 2020, Quotes, Caption, Images
National Selfie Day 2020, Quotes, Caption, Images

This day encourages the people to take selfies and create poses. This day is celebrated for entertainment purposes.This day builds spirit to create the new selfie poses or modify them in an efficient manner. The Practice of taking selfie , process mainly in the self mode. This day had significance for the photographers and selfie lovers.

This day celebration is popular among the youngsters. On today’s World of social Media , selfies are known in every phase of it.Selfie is all about capturing pictures self. With this , people commend poses to make their selfie beautiful and wonderful. Usually a single person takes a picture.

Majorly selfie is divided into two parts :

  • Single selfie : In which a single person clicks a picture of himself/herself.
  • Group selfie : In which a single person clicks the picture of the group.

Selfie could be taken at any time in any mood. This also feels like an emotion. Usually people take selfies with their smartphones …but there are many convenient tools that have been introduced such as selfie sticks , selfie stands , selfie ring stands , Kenu stance tripods and selfie flying cameras.

On this day , many poses introduced ..most popular selfie poses are as follows:

  • Duck face selfie : It is a type of selfie , in which selfie demands for the outing of lips like you are going to kiss someone , which turns into duckbill.
  • Bathroom selfie: It is the second type of selfie , in which selfie poses demands for the bathroom scenarios ..but a mindset to show the pains and tears.
  • Pet Selfie: As we see pets as a part of our life , Pet selfie is a type of selfie which is practiced with pets.
  • Travel selfie : It is another type of selfie , this selfie poses during the time of traveling  or poses with the epic location of a place of travelling such as ,’eiffel tower in Paris’.
  • Foodie selfie : This is a type of selfie , this selfie poses with the beautiful gesture with the food. This selfie is mostly taken by the foodie’s.
  • Car selfie : This selfie is possessed with the car , this is mainly preferred by the car lovers , travelers. 
national selfie day
national selfie day

To celebrate this day , you may prefer varieties of events such as competition for best selfie , selfie with games , best selfie ever , selfie with program etc.This day is celebrated in honor of multimedia. You may celebrate this day , by commending wonderful selfies with your friends and family and you may prefer various hashtags such as #selfie time etc.

This day brings togetherness among the people. This day brings the happiness and joy among the people to celebrate this day. National selfie day was founded in 2014 by ‘DJ Rick MCneely’. This day is listed among the national 1500 popular days.

Even if you are poor at taking selfies , you may commence selfie taking tips.And promote this day among the world. The theme programming may be granted  , In 2020 the theme of National selfie day would be ‘Selfie with family’ because in this sudden pandemic of lock down will make the family member closer.

Selfie make memories and have wonderful times which makes our life happy and delighted.Wishing you a very Happy National a selfie day !!

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