National Safe Motherhood day 2021

National Safe Motherhood day
National Safe Motherhood day

Wishing you a very happy and safe Motherhood day .This day is celebrated on ‘11th April’ every year across the Country with a great and efficient manner. This day is celebrated to create awareness among the women especially Mother or who are Mother to be about the precautions and impacts measured regarding the Pregnancy , Maternity and lactating.

This day’s value for the women who sacrifice them for their children. This day is celebrated  for those mothers who were surviving at that period and measured some problem during that period. This day is celebrated to educate mothers about these problems and help them overcome this problem.

This day is celebrated to bring focus to mothers about their proper and efficient health care for their survival and babies. This day focuses on health assurance of women  regarding the period during pregnancy, lactation and maternity. The Motto with the celebration to educate , acknowledge and focus on the problem of diseases , claiming solutions and precautions for them.

This day is not measured within the education but schedules with the various programs such as campaigns , rallies , events etc.This day so because it creates attention among the society and mainly women about this rigid problem or diseases.This day helps us(Women or Mother) get rid of these diseases or to solve this problem.

In 2019 , the programs were scheduled for the ‘theme’ code , known as ‘Midwives for Women’. The Aim and understanding behind the theme was to right , measurability and claim women survival regarding this period of pregnancy and childbirth in an efficient and favorable manner. 

The Subject had focused on child marriages and women survival. Child marriages refers for the unfavorable sex and maternity period causing immature deaths. The Conditions of women regarding birth of child (memorability of male child) and their negligence regarding precautions and motherhood.

This day was initiated with the White Ribbon Alliance for safe motherhood. To ensure every woman’s safety and comfort ability regarding the period (such as pregnancy and maternity). This is initiated for women about health care and duty to accommodate period times.

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