National Maritime Day 2021

National Maritime Day
National Maritime Day

National Maritime Day is celebrated on ‘22nd May’ Each year . The Celebration takes place across the Globe. This day was introduced in the year 1933 by the Congress party. This day is celebrated to commence the success of the American Steamship Savannah’s voyage from the United states to England for the first time.

This was the first attempt which had crossed the Atlantic ocean With the steam propulsion. The United States Maritime industries conduct it as a holiday. This holiday continues from May 20 , 1933. 

National Maritime Day is celebrated on 22nd May every year. On this day a united holiday in the country. The first time in the country in 1933. It was observed on 22 May, 1819. We celebrate this day every year with new themes and new objects. These objects bring improvements and awareness between all people of society. 

This is a beautiful day. We know this day by National Maritime Day. This is declared by Congress. In 2019 the theme was “Indian Ocean An Ocean of Opportunity”. This is celebrated on a national level. This day commemorates the American Steamship Savannah Voyage from the United State of England. 

Ocean is the best way of transport in the world. This is provided to each country for import and export. Ocean transporting many things as raw materials, Collins and many more things. It completes our demands of necessary things. This day gives them respect for those who provide us security

national maritime day
national maritime day

This day is represents to responsibilities of the ocean security team. This team is very brilliant, sharp shooter, scout etc. This is waterborne transport. We also know the importance of ocean and transport. This is an easy way but security is too tough. Force always aware and give their life achievements for safe transport.

When does National Maritime Day celebrate?

National Maritime Day is celebrated on 22nd March every year. This day is about the importance of maritime. Most of earth is covered by ocean. This day was declared by Congress in 1933.

Three interesting facts about National Maritime Day?

First National Maritime Day was celebrated on 5th April 1964. We are celebrating 57th National Maritime Day on 22nd May 2020. 

The National Maritime Institute contributes the highest awards. In this department, the government gives respect by “Varuna Award” to the best shipping person who completes all their responsibilities with more efforts. 

The first shipping company in India was founded a few years earlier on 27th ofMarch. This was founded by “Walchand Hirachand”. He is Gujarati businessman. He was the chairman of Scindia Steam Navigation

What is the theme of National Maritime Day in 2019?

The theme of National Maritime Day in 2019 was Indian ocean An Ocean of Opportunities. This is support to global economy. Ocean is helpful for goods transport. Large level of ocean transport in the world.

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