National Epilepsy Day 2021 Theme, Awareness, 17 November

About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a type of Disease. Epilepsy Disease is also called ‘Seizure Disorder’. Epilepsy is listed in danger diseases. Epilepsy is a disorder of the Central Nervous System. 

Due to this Disorder of the Central Nervous system leads to brain activity problems such as abnormal brain , unusual behaviour , causing seizures , sensations and Loss of mind awareness etc.

Epilepsy is a type of Disease which can be considered to be anyone , there is no particular symptom or reason for the disease.Epilepsy can be considered to both male or female , it has no bound to any age or ethnic backgrounds. 

national epilepsy day
national epilepsy day

Epilepsy focuses on the brain directly which leads to major brain issues. Sometimes , with the Epilepsy problem it may consider other health issues such as dark circles , low immunity , hair loss , body pain etc.Actually , Epilepsy is a type of Brain Chronic disorder.

About National Epilepsy Day

National Epilepsy Day is social awareness day celebrated across the National Boundaries of India. National Epilepsy day is celebrated every year on every ‘17th of November’.National Epilepsy Day is observed at the annual frequency. As the National Epilepsy day is celebrated under the Guidance of Indian Government.

Epilepsy day is celebrated all over the World. However , the Different countries had different days for the celebration in a unique manner. As the International Epilepsy day is celebrated on ‘Second Monday of February ‘ of every year.

National Epilepsy Day

National Epilepsy day is celebrated to spread awareness among the people about the Epilepsy day. National Epilepsy day is celebrated to bring the focus of the people about the brian disorder (Epilepsy) disease.National Epilepsy day is the day to define Epilepsy disease.

National Epilepsy day is celebrated to prevent the people from this disease by measures for the precautions and other measures.National Epilepsy Day is celebrated to reduce the future patients of Epilepsy. National Epilepsy day is a day for those people who are suffering from the brain disorder of Epilepsy disease , as this day is motivated to overcome their problem.

National Epilepsy day helps the people to get away from the disease and their related health issues.National Epilepsy day motive to educate the people about their epilepsy diseases and their preventive measures which helps in restoring the people health.

National Epilepsy day is celebrated to promote awareness of the disease among the people which leads to action by them easily and fast form.

National Epilepsy day is celebrated to solve or overcome the cases of Epilepsy disease. National Epilepsy day is established to prevent the Indians from epilepsy disease.Epilepsy disease initiated for those people who are unknown or uneducated with the diseases of Epilepsy. 

National Epilepsy day focuses on the Government to consider some measures for the Epilepsy disease as in providing the best medical facility with low amounts , awaring people with campings and public notices etc.

Need of National Epilepsy Day

Need of National Epilepsy Day , due to following reasons:

  • As in Modern Times , people are unknown with the disease of Brain . They consider the brain problems due to their busy work , hard work etc. and defines it normal
  • As the people unknown with medical sciences and health issues . They consider every health issue normal and treat it with common medicines which give rise to the brain problem.
  • Due to Fear that Brain problem means that person is mad . Due to societal pressure , people let go of their issues and treat themselves selfly which gives rise to these problems which if curable then not cure.
  • In times of technology , people are mostly associated with technological equipment such as mobiles , tablets etc.Due to these tools which cause pressure on their eyes and brain leads to give rise to these problems.

These reasons force the Indian Government to introduce a social awareness day named ‘National Epilepsy Day’. If these problems and issues would not be blocked it leads to future crises and disease spread.

National Epilepsy Day celebration

National Epilepsy Day is a celebration to spread awareness. National Epilepsy Day celebration is considered not in form of celebration occasion but a social event. On National Epilepsy Day , many campaigns , events , conferences conducted to find the corrective measure for the epilepsy diseases.

National Epilepsy Day celebration involves the personalities of India to dicusess and search for the corrective measures which help in reducing the brain disorder diseases.National Epilepsy day celebration conduct in the form of offline and online which is known to more people.

National Epilepsy Day 2019 Theme

National Epilepsy Day 2019 is projected on theme. National Epilepsy day 2019 theme ‘Disorder’. National Epilepsy day 2019 theme addresses the disorder which is related to Brain Disorder. National Epilepsy Day 2019 theme means disorders related to the brain which should be prevented.

National Epilepsy Day 2019 theme wants to tell about the brain disorder which leads to Epilepsy.National Epilepsy Day 2019 theme motive to overcome these brain disorders and want to secure and protect the people from brain disorder named ‘Epilepsy disease’.

National Epilepsy Day 2020 Theme

National Epilepsy Day 2020 projected on theme. National Epilepsy Day 2020 theme would be ‘Brain Health’. National Epilepsy day 2020 theme addresses the health which is related to Brain. National Epilepsy Day 2020 theme motive to maintain the health of Brain against brain disorders or issues.

National Epilepsy Disorder 2020 theme motive to focus the people on the Brain health who is important and value to an proper human body functioning.National Epilepsy Day 2020 theme consider brain health security from the Brain chronic Disorder diseases. 

National Epilepsy Day 2020 theme focused on brain health , as the people unknown with brain problems and treat with common treatment.National Epilepsy Day 2020 theme highlighted the precautions or prevention’s related to manage the Brain Health.

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