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About Handicapped

Handicapped is a type of disability. Handicapped Disability considered in the physical acceleration. Handicapped disability blocks the particular part of body functions.Handicapped consider at the time of Born or during accident or pandemic.

Hnadicapped people also known as ‘Disable person’. Handicappers are those who are unable to perform their body functions properly , there is some block in any part mostly in the hand and leg.

world handicapped day
world handicapped day

However, the Handicappers are known as special people because their one part is blocked but they perform their body functioning properly without knowing their problems to others, However , they are sharp with their minds.

World Handicapped Day

World Handicapped Day was established in the year 1992. World Handicapped Day is also known as ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’.World Handiapped day is celebrated every year on every ‘3rd of December’.World Handicapped day is celebrated at the annual frequency.

World Handicapped Day is approved under the United Nation General assembly. World Handicapped day is a day of and for handicapped. World Handicapped day is celebrated at the Global level.

World Handicapped day is celebrated to inform people about the problems and issues of handicapped. World Handicapped day is celebrated to educate the people about the handicapped and their related problems.

World Handicapped day is celebrated to reduce the situation of handicapped.World Hanidcapped day is celebrated to overcome the issues of handicapped. World Handicapped day defines the prevention of handicaption.

World Handicapped day is celebrated to focus the government to introduce those policies and schemes for the handiacpped which give them an easier and better life.World Handiacpped day is celebration to show the society value of handiacppds among the world.

World Handicapped day is celebrated to restore the health of people and minimize the health issues which leads to handicaption.World Handicapped day is celebrated to show the condition of handicapped among the world and the society.

World Handicapped day is celebrated to provide respect and importance of handicaps among the society.World Handicapped day is celebrated to avoid the situations which lead handicaps to feeling bad or shame about their handicaption.

Need of World Handicapped Day

Need of World Handicapped day is arises due to reasons , they are as follows :

  • In Past times , people usually focused on the character and economic condition of a person , if the person is handicapped he/she is ignored by the community. Their personality becomes a joke in front of them which leads to other health issues.
  • In the present times , people are more secure and prospective with their personalities.If any person is handicapped he/she becomes the reason for a joke which is a cause of depression , negative thoughts , unfair practices etc.
  • Handicapped persons were considered unequal in society. They were always considered the avoiding factor and didn’t get any value in the world.

These were the reasons of past and present times which cause the need of world handicapped day. If these present and past times activities would not be blocked , it will give problems to future generations because they cause crises and discrimination.

World Handicapped Day celebration

World Handiacpped day celebration considered at the social event form. World Handicapped day doesn’ celebrated in form of occasion , it celebrated in form of social revolution for the handicappeds and their presence.

On World Handicapped day , personalities from the various countries came up together and discussed the corrective measures to overcome the handicaption and their related issues and problems.

On World Handicapped day , various campaigns , conferences and railles consider helping the handicap and aware the people about the situations of handicaption.On these days , people perform the charity donation which help the charities to work for handicaps in better form.

World Handicapped day celebration motive to spirit up the handicaps with their body language. World handicapped day helps the handicaps to live happily and joyfully.World Handicapped day is a protective line for the handicaps from the social forces and world. World Hanidcapped day is for the welfare and rights of handicapped.

World Handicapped Day 2019 theme

World Handicapped day 2019 is based on a theme program. World handicapped day 2019 theme was ‘Promoting the participation of people with disabilities and their leadership :taking action on the 2030 agenda development’.

World Handicapped day 2019 theme means for the develop handicaps in form in which they lead with development programs.World Handicapped day 2019 theme means to stand the handicaps people (mentally) in which they can give their step in development programs.

World Handicapped day 2019 theme motive to involve the handicaps in the development of the world in 2030 with their agenda to zero poverty, hunger and inequality.World Handicapped day 2019 theme wants to develop the handicaps and their related thoughts to people which make the world peaceful , happy and cheerful.

World Handicapped Day 2020 theme

World Handicapped day 2020 projected on theme. World Handicapped day 2020 theme was ‘Inequality’.World Handicapped day 2020 theme addresses the inequality because as the handiacpped person in developing world would not acquire the position of equality in the society.

World Handicapped day 2020 theme motive to develop the equality of handicaps with the normal person in the society.World Handiacpped day 2020 theme protest against the inequality of handicaps among the world and their people who are promoting this (handicaption inequality).

World Handicapped day 2020 highlights the point of inequality of hidden issues which is of handicaps. World Handicapped day 2020 theme involves the development of handicapped in 2030 agenda of world development.World Handicapped day 2020 theme reduce the inequality of handicaps among the society.

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