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National Consumer Day 

National Consumer Day is a social day. National Consumer day observed every year on ‘24th of December’. National Consumer Day is celebrated across India. National Consumer Day is also known as ‘Bhartiya Ghrakh Divas’. National Consumer day is a day for consumers.As consumer day is celebrated in every country but on different dates and has a unique way of celebration.

national consumer day
national consumer day

National Consumer day is an event to support consumers against exploitation. National Consumer Day to focus the people who are the victim of unfair practices by the seller.National Consumer day involves the issues related to India of consumers.

National Consumer Day is fighting for consumer rights and welfare. National consumer day will bring the focus of the Government to take action on these frauds and unfair practices. National Consumer day introduced for the consumer and their hidden issues.

Consumer Protection Act 2019

Related to Consumer exploitation and absorption of their rights , Indian Government had passed an act for consumers. The Government had passed ‘Consumer Protection Act 2019’. Consumer Protection act 2019 introduced on ‘20th July 2020’.

Consumer Protection Act 2019 assure that consumers ahd right to complain against the improper products such as expired or off packaging whether the person had considered the purchasing from Bihar may exchange their product in goa or complain in goa for that product.

Consumers Protection Act 2019 added in consumer protection act 1986. Consumer protection act 2019 favorable for the consumers and help them to take justice for it. Consumer Protection act 2019 is actually protecting the consumers for the explosion , frauds and unfair treatment.

National Consumer Day In India

National Consumer Day was introduced in India in the year 1986. National consumer day is observed under the assurance of Consumer Protection act.In the Name of Day (National Consumers Day )National drives for Indian people. National Consumer Day in India highlights the Indians to disclose the issue related to their purchasing or buying times.

National Consumer Day in Indian go through with the graphs and data of consumers and their related books , which help Indian personalities to step on which path. National consumer day in India focuses on the Indian Government to manage the task of buying and selling in duties or regulations format.

National Consumer Day celebration

National Consumers day is celebrated in India as a social movement. National Consumer day celebrated in grand form. National Consumer day considers various functions such as campaigns , conferences , rallies and committed which involve the people to focus.

On this day , various images , drawings , quotes , and messages are shared so that everyone is aware of it and not become a victim of it. On this day , these sharing motivates the people to complain about those unfair practices and restore their rights.

On National Consumers Day , many commits are organized who came with the ideas to solve the issues of consumers for their purchasing and marketers. National Consumers day celebration is a benchmark for the people who became the victims of any exploitation.

National Consumer Day 2019

National Consumer Day 2019 was on ‘24th of December’ on Tuesday. National Consumer Day 2019 involves a number of people.National Consumer Day 2019 motive to aware the consumer about their Rights.

National Consumer day 2019 is initiation for the consumer against unfair practices by the markets. National Consumer Day 2019 considers to solve or overcome the issue of consumerism against the seller.

National Consumer day 2019 projected a protest event for those consumers who are victims of unwell treatment against the seller. National consumer day 2019 event planned in the grand area which includes the speeches , plays , drama and music.

National Consumer Day 2019 considered various conferences , rallies and posters which had been trending among the social media and awakened many consumers to work on it.National consumer day is a big step for consumers welfare and rights.

National Consumer Day 2019 theme

National Consumer Day 2019 was theme projected. National Consumer Day 2019 theme was ‘Alternate Consumer Grievance/Dispute Redressal’. National Consumer Day 2019 theme means to spirit up the consumers against their exploitation.

National Consumer Day 2019 theme addresses the consumers to raise their voice against the unwell things by marketers. On National consumer day 2019 they want to safeguard the rights of consumers. National consumers day 2019 theme focuses on a dispute between the buyer and seller which is to be solved.

However , National Consumer Day 2019 theme searching for the alternatives or measure of consumer complaints against the unfair practices during purchasing. National Consumer day 2019 theme wants to solve the issue of complaints and problems of consumers.

National Consumer Day 2020

National Consumer Day 2020 would be more joyful and spirited for consumers. National Consumers 2020 will spirit up the confidence of consumers to louder their voice against imperatives of marketers. National Consumer day 2020 will become the protectors of consumers due to unfair treatment of sellers.

National Consumer Day 2020 will protest events against the exploiters , sellers who take the rights of consumers and fool them against their purchasing.National Consumer Day 2020 will recover the rights of consumers. National Consumer Day 2020 will consider discussion on current rule emerge for consumers.

National Consumer Day 2020 theme

National Consumer Day 2020 theme would be based on current market conditions meaning focus on online markets. National Consumer Day 2020 theme will protest against online market fraud or complain (mainly). Current conditions of consumer crises of consumer against online exploitation or unfair practices.

National Consumer Day 2020 theme would be ‘Action for Online’. National Consumer Day 2020 theme to take action against the online markets who take rights of consumers. National Consumer Day 2020 theme means to protest against the online marketers who are not considering their complaints of consumers and exploit them.

National Consumer Day 2020 theme will be for those consumers who are victims of online exploitation or would be and develop spirit to fought for the unfair practice .

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