Narali Purnima 2021 hd Images, Quotes, Date 22 August

Nariyal Purnima is a special occasion celebrated by people every year in Maharashtra.This is an occasion that is majorly celebrated by the Fishing community of Maharashtra.This is a ceremonial occasion majorly celebrated in the cities of Mumbai and Kokarn coast.

This occasion is celebrated at the annual frequency.This festival is celebrated according to Hindu calendar month which is on ‘Full Moon day of Shravan’ which is in July or August (according to the Gregorian calendar). In 2020 , this occasion would be celebrated on ‘3August’. This occasion is celebrated with a great pomp and shower.

nariyal purnima pics
nariyal purnima pics

This occasion is a tradition which is celebrated in religious and cultural rituals and beliefs.The Occasion celebration took place near oceans , rivers and at the bank of water.On this day , banks of water were worshiped by offerings rice , flowers and coconut.On this day , another celebration consider as an women ties Rakhi or thread on their brother wrists.

This is a popular festival among the Marathi community.On this day , a major crowd took place ‘Malabar Hill’ and ‘Colaba’. People remained for the day to perform their prayers at this hill.Banks of river includes beaches too.This occasion marks the ending of monsoon.This day is an beginning of peace seas and their sailing.

On this day , special prayers and chants were recognized while offerings were celebrated at the banks of water.On these days , markets crowded.This day honor the Bank of water.This day recognizes the people value and importance of water in their life.This day consider the spirit of water traders and their work for us.

On this day , people worship Lord Varuna as they are God of Sea and request them to calm .This day defines another phase of community whose life is running on the sea.This day had another belief , as in Ramayan Lord Rama is able to make bridge to Lanka with the help of Lord Varuna.

The celebration is in grand form. People put oil lamps , Flowers between the river , seas. On this day many boats sailed which are decorated and wonderful.Nariyal purnima is a day of Sea people and who work their.This day had special significance for them.On this day , people greet or wish them and begin their business (sea business of boat sailing , fishing etc.) from this day (Narayial Purnima).

This day is celebrated not only with religious and cultural programs but with folk dancing and singing.On this day, delicious food is cooked by considering rice , curry in the bowl of coconut.This is an traditional food.On this day , people also worship Lord Ship by considering coconut , as the Lord Shiva had three eyes coconut is an symbol of that(third eye).

This day is a blessing to the people who are nearby the sea or sea is their livelihood.This day is the beginning of their business on a normal schedule.On this day , with the special prayers with coconut , coconut is broken into prices and offered to the people in the form of prasad.

This festival had not fixed , every year the dates vary as this followed hindu month and their days.In India , there festivals, occasion and events are celebrated not on fixed date and time but follows rituals tithes and times.These days had special belif , story and reason behind which adds more value to the occasion celebration and decoration.

This occasion brings happiness , joy and spirit among the sea traders.On this day , many people purchase new boats , nets and machinery which make their business journey successful , as it is considered auspicious buying on this day.This day brings new hope , new spirit and new joy among people.

These festivals and occasions majorly attract the tourists which leads to development of India. Major economic development took place due to visitors.This is a day of happiness and joy as local arts and artists got and privileges lead to their development too.

On this day , people wear traditional new cloth to make this occasion more exciting.Before this day of occasion , markets are crowded, especially local ones.

On this day , local arts privilege, so , because of 2 Reasons: Firstly As this is a Local festival , Secondly People want to celebrate in their rituals form which is a local time.On this day , people wake up early begin their preparation for the celebration.On this day , every sea traders forgot their worries and start celebrating this occasion into special and interesting form.

This day defines the prosperity of sea traders.On this day , people get to know about the happiness of boat and sea sailors.People know about their watery part trading and business.This connects people with locality and sea workers to earn their livelihood.On this day , sea workers do charity donations to make this festival more good and special.

Naraiyal purnima is not only a day of celebration and decoration but to establish humanity which makes other lower level sea traders’ occasions memorable. These days know about the phase of every human life to earn their livelihood.This day is a break from the noram scheduled life.

This occasion is also celebrated in Daman and Diu in folk rituals. This occasion is celebrated at the annual frequency.This day is known as ‘Nariyal Purnima’ because of the belief of people that Nariyal (known as coconut) brings good luck and fortune in their business (sea trading or working).

This day is considered as Beginning of their trading season.On this day , many people throw coconut in the rivers , oceans to impress the Lord Varuna and their blessings on this trading season of sea.There is Rakhi occasion in many states.This occasion is for the fisherman (according to people believe).