Midsummer Day 2022, Theme, Quotes, hd Images, 24 June

In General , Mid Summer reflects the season of Summer. Mid Summer means the summer has been half completed.The Mid Summer season is about it , this a popular festival celebrated in Northern Europe as in Germany.This Festival originated from the Christian community.

This is a festival which lasts for 7 days.This festival is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar which is from 19June to 25 June every year.On this festival , like other festivals, grand celebrations do not take place but peace and joyful celebration exists.

This festival is celebrated all over the world with different names and in different manners.This festival is also known as ,’ Mid sommer , Ivan Kupapla Day , St.John Feast day , Summer Solstice , Juhannus , Sankhantnas , Jonines , Keskikesa , Mithumarri and Jannipaev etc.

This day is granted as ‘Official holiday’ in various countries to celebrate this occasion with happiness , peace , joy and spirit. However , Sweden decides to celebrate the ‘National Sweden Day’ on Midsummer eve instead of 6th June.

On this day , churches are decorated with flowers and lights , they are crowded. On this day , cultural and christsianity celebration took place.On these days , many events are organized such as Bonfire , Dancing (Maypole) and singing.These days in break from the busy schedule , and focus towards the environment and natural resources.

These days bring the world at the point of unity and togetherness.This day marks the ending of summer. This festival celebration is observed by people ..’ by picking flowers and creating flower crowns..these crowns were worn by them throughout the day’.

It is also believed that , if you put any seven flowers under a pillow your dreams will come true.These days are celebrated in the honor of flowers and nature.It is said that God and farries visit the Earth to enjoy this festival.On this day , people visit to the various garden to celebrate this day.

On these days , people get to know about the new varieties of flowers. On this day , ‘Tulip Valley View resorts’. It attracts the tourists towards it. On this occasion , people visit this place to make their celebration special and memorable.

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