Happy Christmas 2021 hd images, wishes and Quotes

Christmas is a festival which is celebrated at the Global level every year. This festival is one of the most popular festivals in the World. This festival is a majority celebrated by the community of Christianity. This festival is celebrated every year of ‘25th of December. People whole year await this festival. 

This festival is celebrated in the Memory of Jesus Christ. This day of festival is considered one of Auspicious days.This festival is celebrated Birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. On this day , people worship and remind Jesus Christ. This is a one day festival. On this day , an official holiday is granted by the Government.

christmas day
christmas day

This festival is celebrated with grand celebrations and gatherings. On this day , people visit church and worship Jesus Christ. On this occasion , special prayers and decoration takes place. People visit other houses to wish or greet them and exchange of Gifts may take place. It is believed that on this day , antagonist became friends and celebrated festivals.

 According to the Bible , they were considered as ‘Son of God’. On this day , people practice events and small or big organizing. This festival is celebrated with the family , friends and loved ones. However this day celebration preparation takes place before 10 to 5 days. It is believed that , on this day Jesus Christ comes on the Earth to bless their children.

christmas day images
christmas day images

Jesus Christ had established another example of humanity. He had sacrificed for the Humanity.On this day , people apologize to other people for their mistakes which took place or intentionally or unintentionally. This festival is also called ‘ Festival of Forgive’. On this day , people forgive everybody and start a new beginning. During this festive time , markets and holiday venues are crowded.

Thes festival times define great work of legends. On this day , people remember Jesus Christ speeches and teachings. On this day , with the celebration ..decoration and delicious food takes place. On this occasion , people practice donations and charity work to make other festivals filled with the happiness , joy and spirit which is the best way to celebrate the festival of humanity.

This festival is also known as ‘X-Mas day’. On 24th dec , people hang socks in their window by believing Jesus Christ will give a gift and grant their wish. This day had special value and importance for the devotees of Jesus Christ. People consider Jesus Christ as Lord. This festival brings happiness , joy , spirit, love and motivation.

On eve of Christmans , people prepare ‘Christmas tree’ which is decorated with small toys , lights , chocolates and many decorated items. The preparation of the Christmas tree involves the family , friends together..this tree is decorated in a unique and different manner. This tree preparation is unique and lovely for the children.

christmas day wishes
christmas day wishes

From the 25th of Dec weekend begins till 1St jan. This Weekend known as Winter vacation..people enjoy their weekend in a different manner.From 2nd of Jan weekends ends and normal schedules begin. On this day , it is believed that Santa Clause came to Earth. On this people wish god to grant their wishes.

On this day , religious and cultural celebration took place. The Word of ‘Christmas’ refers to the ‘mass of Christ or Jesus’. On this day , people remember Jesus Christ had died for us and introduced the relation of Humans to Humans. They also define the terms Forgive , apologize , unconditional , pure , impressible and self dying true love.

On this day , many plays , drama and music rhyme took place as tribute to Jesus christ. This day defines the light over darkness , Knowledge over ignorance etc. values. This day encourages the people to focus on the life of Jesus Christ for humanity. Jesus Christ is considered as the incarnation of God for the welfare of humans.This festival celebration involves the whole world in their color. In the Night , World becomes shining and delighted.

This day had value for the poors ..on this economic activity practices more than other day sales. On this day people begin their new life or beginnings such opening of new ventures or new purchasings. On festival night , Earth is similar to Heaven. On these days , public places or private places are decorated and offer varieties of products.

On this day , Faints and Saints honoured. This day is a grand salute to the son of God.This is a Chrisitian festival..however it originated from the community of Christainity. On this day , people connect with the history and their significance. On this day , people get to know the value of truth , trust and humanity which had been disappearing from the Earth..in today’s world.

This festival is a symbol of the Resurgence of Sun , Rebirth of Spring and summer season.This is an Mid of Winter season. These Markets offer great offers such as Discount , sales and many activities. This festival is celebrated by Non christanity people. In India , this festival took on a special value in the hearts of people.

This festival spirit the air of love , peace , freshness and positivity. This festival helps in capturing moments and memories. People start their preparation for New year from 26th of Dec. People also help others to make their weekend to be wonderful and memorable. This festival is a major attraction of Tourists.

However the festival came to celebrate the happiness and love among the people. These are the ways which connect people with value and teachings. This day is celebrated on the beliefs and purity.This festival brings attachments and belongingness. This festival is a perfect example to define the term Humanity and forgiveness.Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you Very Happy Christmas….celebrate your day with your dear ones!!!

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