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Farmers day is a day celebrated for the farmers. Farmers day is celebrated on every year of ‘23rd of Dec’. Farmers day is known as ‘Kisan Diwas’. Farmers day is celebrated across the Globe, but some counties have different dates to celebrate this day. Farmers day is celebrated at annual frequency.

Farmers day is celebrated to honor the farmers.Farmers day is celebrated on the Birthday of Fifth (5th) Prime Minister named ‘Choudhary Charan Singh’. On their Birthday anniversary because they were the framers leaders. Farmers day of December is considered as National Farmers day.

farmers day
farmers day

The Idea of celebrating the farmers day as Farmers are feeling ignored. Due to this , Framers became displeased with their work and world. They are going in another way  of negative thoughts , depressed and siding. Farmers day is celebrated to overcome these types of thoughts and define the love and concern for them.

On this day , Many committees are organized to take measures actions on farmers which improve their standard of living and their work in the agriculture field area. The Motive behind the farmers day celebration to raise the prime sector of India and USA. Farmers are demotivated with their work in the agricultural field as they wont get the correct amount for their crops.

Farmers day focuses the government to introduce the various which are related to welfare and rights of Farmers and their agricultural area. On this day , many associations are committed to help and provide necessary information to farmers related to their problems.

Farmers day is a tribute to the Farmers and their work for people. Farmers day is celebrated to appreciate the farmers working as they work to provide or assure food products to the people of the world. Farmers day is also celebrated to people who are switching to other sectors.

On Farmers day , there is an official holiday granted in some areas. Farmers day is celebrated to consider the farmers their importance and value for the people , without them no can survive or do their work in an effective and efficient way. On this day , many graphs and data analysis to calculate the current condition of farmers.

On Farmers day , many offers and discounts are considered for farmers , so that they can afford necessities easily. Farmers day salutes the work of farmers , who burn for us and gives us fruits. Farmers day is celebrated to assure good practices of farmers in field working , so that they fulfill the expectation of people and themselves (in form of providing good quality products leads to good returns).

On Farmers day , many farmers are honoured with awards and rewards by ‘Ministry of Food and Agriculture’ situated in Ghana to farmers who worked hard and great. The Goal of farmers day to develop the prosperity of the primary sector. Farmers day celebration is to pay the amount of work done by farmers for the unknown people in the non appreciate weathers such as summers , rainy and winter season.

Farmers day celebration is  supported by various NGO’’s of World. On this day , various donations are considered by varieties of people to develop the farmers and their sector of work. These Small practices or initiations  will improve their standard of living and work , bringing the new and happy world.

Farmers day is an abolition of the zamindari system. Farmers day brings ideas to overcome poverty and their condition from the world. Happy FARMERS DAY !!

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