Jivitputrika Vrat 2021 Mein Kab Hai, Date in India, hd Images, 29 September

This is an Indian traditional festival. This festival is celebrated according to Hindu calendar.This Festival is celebrated Krishna Paksh of Ashwin month of seventh lunar days. In 2020 , this festival is would be celebrated on ’10th of Sept’. This is an three days long festival.This festival is also celebrated in Nepal , Bihar and Eastern Uttarpradesh.

Jivitputrika is celebrated majorly by the Hindu community. This festival is observe in religious and cultural form.People begin their celebration before week. On this day , people wake up in early morning and worship God and Goddess. On this day , people wear traditional clothes.

 happy jivitputrika vrat
happy jivitputrika vrat

This festival grants in holiday in some areas of India. With these festival , people get to know more about their culture and Indian traditions. On these days , people forgot their worries and celebrates this festival with the pomp and shower.This festival is celebrated at the annual frequency.

This festival ends on the ninth moon day of Ashwin month of Krishna paksh. In 2020 , this festival would be end on ’12th of Sept’. On these days , people visit their hometowns to celebrate this festival with their family , friends and their people.This festival has an special story behind it , which is as follows:

jivitputrika vrat
jivitputrika vrat

There was an person named ,’Ganhdhanvraj’. He was Holy and abandon person. In their youth times they leave their Kingdom and went to forest to service their Father.While they were visiting in forest , they meet with ‘Naghmata’. Naghmata were quite worry .

When Gandhavraj ask him the reason of their worry , Nagmata told their reason of worry is Garud. Garud is animal who always take one Nagh for his food. Naghmata said that , now this is an chance of their son to become the food of Garud.

Then after , Gandhavraj gave promise to the Naghmata in spite of her son , he would became food of Garud. With the promise , he wear the dress of her son and reached to that place where Gaurd came and took one Nagh . When Gaurd were taking Ganhdhavraj as Naghmata son , there were silence among the Nagh community which were always when Gaurd take one Nagh.

jivitputrika vrat images
jivitputrika vrat images

When Garud take Ghandhavraj to their place and ready to eat them. He First clear and cut there clothes and when he clears their clothes , became shocked. He became very angry. But Gandhavraj were quite normal as he known that Graud were eat them. With the Gandhavraj bravery he became impressed.

After that, Garud promises to Gandhavraj he would not make any Nagh his food and never disturb them.With this , Gandhavraj became great personality as he saves the relation of Mother with their child. From this day , this day is celebrated to celebrated the relation of Mother and their child.

This day defines the unique relation of Mother with their Children . This day has set up an example of humanity. On this day , people honor Ghandhavraj and remember their teachings. This day shows an love and care of Mother for their child .This day is considred auspicious day.

On this day , special mahurats were considered for the new work or beginning.On this day , many programs are celebrated to make this festival happiness and joy double.On this day many traditional song is sung , plays and dance. This festival is also known as ‘Jitiya’ in some areas.

On these days , Many females prefer fasts. With this fasts they never take any single drop of water.On this day , people worship God in morning and evening times with the special chants and puja’s. On this day , people request their wishes to the God to grant them. This festival is majorly for the female category.

On this day , traditional food is cooked. This festival is not known by major people in India. This festival major celebration took place in small towns. On these days , local markets and fairs were crowded. This is an days where we can our memories and happy moments.

On this day , there is an special value given to Cow dung. As In Hindu times , cow dung gets an special prevailage in auspicious and worship times. On these days , people clean their house. On these days , people buy sand utensils as their ritual. Jivitputrika an special festival where the people greet or wish each other.

On this days , many ladies wish for their child happiness and long life. On these days , crowd took place at the many public places and temples. People visit their neighbors house to wish them. This festival gets an special potion in the hearts of Hindu community. It is believe that this festival brings happiness and positivity in the lives of people specially in the relations of Mother and their child.

These three days connects the people with people. This festival is sign of togetherness. On this day , with the story people had special belief. People begin their new life with this festival. The Celebration would not committed less than then the New Year. This day makes the bod of the mother with their child more stronger.

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