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Every year the ‘12Aug’ celebration takes place across the World as ‘International Youth Day’. This day is celebrated to value and respect the youth generation. This day focuses on particularly the youth generation such as lifestyle , schedule etc. This day defines the qualities and importance of youth. 

International Youth Day 2020
International Youth Day 2020

This day defines the view of problems and challenges faced by the Youths in the society. The term ‘Youth’ is regarded as Younger or future generations. This day is celebrated to provide a position and identity among the society. This day is branched from the ‘Universal children day’ under the United nation organization.

This day is not recruited to provide them value but to protect and secure them. This day is associated with the development and growth of their generation.This day is associated with the youth development and protection which includes education , employment , environment etc.

youth day
youth day

This day was identified in the year 1999 , now in 2020 we are going to celebrate ‘21Aniversary’. This day focuses mainly on the mindset of youth commending actions such as drug addiction , illegal trading etc. These days helps to overcome and get rid of these situations and mindset schedules.

This day adds a flavor of the emotions such as happiness , joy , spirit , motivation and understanding.This day focuses on the safety and security of youth.This day justifies the involvement of youth among the development and growth of the world.This day focuses on the youth surrounding issues and values such as legal and cultural ones.

This day  protection against the society rules and regulations which had created the boundaries and limitations for youth generation. This day encourages and motivates the youth among their rights and their wishes. This day is defined for youth between the age of ‘10 to 24 Years’.

This day is regarded as a powerful advocacy tool for youth generation to stand for them  or initiate for them.This is justified under the youth led organization. This day is preventing the youth generation from certain impacts such as conflicts , social injustice and sustaining peace.

This day is associated with the theme program schedule. In 2019 , the theme was ‘Transforming education’. The aim was to change the pattern of education and activities of youth generation. In 2020 , the aim would be to solve the young people issue and challenges to provide them quality life.

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