International Workers Memorial day 2021

International Workers Memorial day 2021
International Workers Memorial day 2021

International Worker Memorial day , 28 April is celebrated every year around the World as Worker memorial day. This day is also known by the various names such as ‘Worker Memorial day /International commemoration day for dead and Injured and Dead/Day of Mourning. This day is celebrated in memories of labor.

This day lies in the category of Non religious or cultural factor. This day is celebrated internationally in memory of labor which were killed , disabled and injured by their work. This day is celebrated to value and respect them because of their sacrifice and measurebility.

This day celebration adds a flavor of emotions of saluting , respect , happiness , pride , love , innocence and purity among them. This day focuses on the risk and danger versatility of work which is required to minimize. This day involves programs , events , rallies and campaigns.

This day focuses on the incidents induction at the working place within employees such as ill health etc. This day was measured for the promoting campaigns and union organization fight for improvements of Workplace safety.

This day is known as pointed and remembrance day of solidarity of employees. This day commences for the hazardous , current working conditions of employees. This day is associated with the health and safety of employees under the Government act of India.

This day involves education , acknowledging and determining the employees their rights and importance among the Workmanship. This day is also known as protesting day against the cruel and bad leaders who don’t manage the safety and healthy conditions for their employers.

In 2019 , the program schedule was ‘Taking Control – Removing hazardous substances’. The Aim was this theme to managing control or eliminating dangerous stunts and tasks from the working place. This was managing for the favorable conditions.

In 2020 , The program schedule for them would be ‘Tackling Psychosocial hazards at the Work – Taking the stress out of the job’. The Understanding behind this aim will be to eliminate the psychological and social stress from the working place. This stress is defined such as depression , anxiety , burnout  , mental stress and suicides etc.

This day also focuses on conditions of employment of employees such as low pay , vocabulary assertion ,  insecure working hours and work , Working loads and proper breaks such as lunch , tea or coffee etc. This day manages for the inadequate and unfavorable management of employees and organization such as appraisal , disciplinary procedures , sickness and absence policies etc.

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