International Turban day 2021

International Turban day
International Turban day

13th April is celebrated as International Turban day across the World. This is celebrated to educate people about the value and respect of Turban. This day was introduced in the year of 2004 to propagate the awareness of turban especially in Sikh community.

This day celebrated defines the importance , Favourability and advantages etc. This day innovated to focus the adult makes of Sikh community turban wearing and assurance. This day is maintained by Sikh community to acknowledge the individuals (especially those who belong to Punjabi community) turban variability.

The turban in Sikh community plays an important and integral part of their life. This is also known as ‘Pagh , dastar , pagri ‘ which is worn by male and female candidates of Sikh community. This was worn over the head consisting of a long piece of cloth. This reflects the original Sikh community because in this community it is mandatory to wear.

This is celebrated across the world , because this community is settled around the world every corner. However the turban was introduced in the year 1469 by Guru Gobind singh. This is not associated with the celebration but it also attach emotional and faith variability.

The Turban for Sikhs is a sign of their respect and prestige. The turban and their uncut hair (Kesh) is considered their love and obedience to their religion. Turban facilities in variable manner by different communities such as for Marawadi their turban known as saffah but this day value for the Sikh community assertion.

This day promotes not for the day celebration considering the various functions such as promoting Sikhism and their values , promoting turban asserting , defining culture etc.

 This is programmed with various schedules such as events , rallies , programs etc. In this program they don’t discuss unfavorable of other religions but by promoting and value for their Sikhism community and their importance or vulnerability.

Traditionally the term and culture of turban wearing aspire from the Indian and their community.Actually the turban is worn by the male candidates. This is a sign of prestige and self respect for the category of males which value it more than words or vocabulary assertion. It manages in various religions for the same value but means different (Why wearing , whom , when , how etc variability of questions).

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