International Translation Day 2021 Images, Quotes, Theme, 30 September

Happy International Translation Day!!

international translation day quotes
international translation day quotes

International Translation Day is a social day. International Translation Day is known as ‘World Translation Day’. International Translation Day is observed at the Annual frequency. International Translation Day is considered by continuing the Normal Schedule Work.

International Translation Day is celebrated in the Memory of Saint Jerome. As Saint Jerome was First Translator. They were the First Translators who firstly translated the Bible into other languages. International Translation Day was established in 1953.

international translation day
international translation day

International Translation day includes literary , histories and terminologies with it. International translation day means to convert the unknown words into known words to the countries around the World. International translation day considers to know the world in their vision.


  • However , the meaning of translation is to convert the different languages into their own language. 
  • Meaning of Translator refers to an individual who commits the work of translations.

International Translation Day Quotes

  • Translation is like a woman. If it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful.” 
  • “Translation is the art of failure.” –Umberto Eco
  • “It is Task of Translator to release to his own language That pure language that is under the spell of another , to liberate language imprisoned in a work in his re-creation of that Work” – Walter Benjamin.
  • “ A different Language is a different vision of life” – Federico Felline

Need of International Translation Day

international translation day 2020 theme
international translation day 2020 theme

The Need of International Translation Day arises due to misunderstandings , as people don’t understand their language or verbal expression and commit their meaning to these says which causes far and unknown newness.

International translation day arises as people are unable to understand the different languages but important to know them which lead to learning the languages but it was time consuming and an establishment of difficulties for people. Translation day is helpful for uneducated people as they need to complete it with the help of a translator.

International Translation Day celebration

International Translation day is celebrated to show the prosperity of translation which helps in building better relations and world. International translation day is celebrated across the globe which has value in the lives of many people. International Translation Day celebrated to honor the passion of translation.

international translation day logo
international translation day logo

On International Translation Day , people came up from various countries and discussed the International translations and committed the measure for it. International Translation day brings people closer as they better understand each other and come to know their opinion which makes cooperation and togetherness.

On International Translation day many events , campaigns , functions , competitions are organized. On International Translation day people are honored with awards and rewards who work hard and make Indian proud.

International Translation Day Benefits

international translation day 2020
international translation day 2020

International translations day had give various benefits to the world and their people , they are follows:

  • Employment 
  • International Translation day added a new type of employment , Employment of ‘Translator’. This day brings new opportunities of employment which creates a new way to raise economic standards.
  • Knowledge
  • International Translation day gives knowledge about the various languages whether it is official or local languages. This day helps in getting the information about hidden and unknown languages using at a level. This Translation leads to enhanced knowledge which sharpens our mind.
  • Education
  • International translation day gives education about the cultural values and countries. As translation helps in studying more about the world and conditions. Due to translations , people know about the beliefs and languages of people.
  • Analysis 
  • Translation helps in considering the background person and their character. This day helps in analyzing their needs or want to say. Translations help in analysis of their tradition and their type of languages.
international translation day in hindi
international translation day in hindi
  • Understanding
  • Due to International translation day , people are familiar with every language as it translates into their known languages in which they easily understand the things , not the arrival of any misunderstandings.
  • Relations
  • As the International translation day is celebrated to honor the new innovation in verbal times of translators. With the help of translators people get to know about what the other person is saying which includes the expression and exchange of opinion which helps in understanding leads to better relations.

International Translation day is celebrated to overcome the hidden issue of languages and their meanings.International Translation day is celebrated as a special social event which is specific with the particular identity. This Particular identity can be defined by assuring a particular sign of it .

International Translation Day had particular signs of their identity and pride. And This sign is considered in the form of ‘LOGO’. International Translation day has a logo which is diagrammed in a special form which describes their meaning in it.

international translation day celebration
international translation day celebration

International translation day logo is formatted in varieties of shapes of circles in which different languages phases are considered but means the same. International Translation day logo is colorful and background of simple and peace white color which increases more spirit to celebrate the translation day.

International Translation Day 2019

International Translation Day 2019 was good and as it covers the current phase and future times issues related to words and their phases. International Translation Day 2019 involves many people and their ideas. 

International Translation day 2019 theme was ‘Translation and Indigenous Languages’. International Translation Day 2019 theme was to bring the focus of people on Indigenous Languages. Indigenous Languages are native or local languages of a particular contour which reflects their culture , religion and belief.

international translation day images
international translation day images

International Translation day 2019 theme motive to raise the level of Indigenous languages in people’s lives which are disappearing from the native people and world. International Translation day wants to reestablish the indigenous languages and available translations for them for easy understanding for the people of the world who are not familiar with languages but want to assure due to any reason.

International Translation Day 2020

International Translation Day 2020 would be celebrated in grand format. However , International Translation day 2020 is a theme programmed. International translation day 2020 based on a particular project. International Translation Day 2020 spirit up the people’s view related to translation.

international translation day activities
international translation day activities

International Translation Day 2020 theme ‘Translation : Better Understanding’. International Translation Day 2020 theme means Translation helps in considering better understanding. It is considered so as translation changes the format in other languages which is known to all ,  which leads to better understanding and expression of view. Due to this , reduction of misunderstanding helps in building better relations.

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