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The World Tiger Day is celebrated every year on 29th July. It is also known as Global Tigers Day. This day is celebrated for Tigers. How to protect the Tigers and prevent their falling numbers. On Tigers Day different plans are also made for Tigers.

World Tiger Day 2020
World Tiger Day 2020

Tigers are a special animal in our Earth Planet that is known to be a cause. Tiger is a wild animal. They live in the forest. Tigers are dying continuously and because of this, very few species of them are left on the earth. Because of this they need protection. If they are not saved, they too will end up on the earth like dinosaurs.

Project Tiger was started in 1973 to protect the Tigers. It was started by the then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi. These were his best cooperation to protect and preserve the wildlife. A number of Tiger Reserve Parks were also built under Project Tiger. Some tiger reserve parks are mentioned below where the tigers are protected and care is taken. like –

The Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh
Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan
Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra – Madhya Pradesh Border
Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh
Tadoba- Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra
Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand
Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal
Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, Karnataka
Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra
The Periyar National Park, Kerela
Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka
Kaziranga Tiger Reserve, Assam
Rajaji Tiger Reserve , Uttarakhand

international tiger day
international tiger day

Not only in India, these tigers have also been made in the reserve world so that tigers can be protected. Some foreign parks are also named here.

Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, Bhutan
Chitwan and Bardia National Park, Nepal
Siberian Tiger Safari
Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad

All these are the Tigers Reserve Parks where the highest number of Tigers are seen. Care is also taken to treat them along with their food, drink and the Tigers Reserve Park. No common man is allowed to go alone here. They are fully supervised by the forest department.

The tigers are gradually decreasing. Because hunters hunt them and take out their skin, claws, teeth etc. organs. Some people hold them and sell them for circuses and shows. Because of this they are becoming less from the forests. But now such illegal businesses have been banned by the government and laws have also been made in which provisions of punishment have also been kept.

It is also our responsibility to save the Tigers. This year, World Tiger Day is celebrated and people are also aware of it. Awareness is a source that increases the enthusiasm to know about them all. Different themes are also organized on this day, which contributes well to awareness and tiger protection camps.

World Tiger Day is not only for the Tigers but also for all the wild animals. Because every organism needs alignment. People do not think about living, but only about profit and business. Due to this slowly, the earth is losing its sari beauty.

Organisms are dying, rivers are drying up, forests are being destroyed, etc. They can also be called natural calamities. Because of this, these days take different purposes. The reason for keeping different subjects in it is that the assets of the second economic property should also be protected.

Global tiger day is often called international tiger day. This is an annual celebration to raise awareness of conservation held every year, on July 29. It was created in 2010 by saint peters burg tiger summit.The goal of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues.

“Tiger survives in our hands” . to raise awareness about the decline of wild tiger numbers,leaving in them the brink of extinction and the courage of tiger conservation.

We all have to contribute to saving the lives of tigers. This is a big challenge for all the people to protect tigers’ lives.Signatories declared an agreement that governments of tiger-populated countries would double the animal’s population by 2022.

An estimated 3900 tigers remain in the wild,but we need much more efforts to protect the species,if we are to secure the future of the wild. In some areas, including most South Asia,tigers are still in the crisis of decreasing in numbers. 

International tiger day is celebrated in various ways around the world. Local events are organized in Bangladesh,Nepal,India,and well non- range tiger countries such as England in the United states.

Many people and celebrities are celebrating this event with uploading a photo on social media and many more places world wide fund continued its promotion of “ double tiger” campaign through investing in rangers. 

On occasion of international tiger day,the prime minister, Narendra Modi will release the result of the 4th cycle of All India tiger estimation (AITE) in New Delhi. In India, all India tiger estimation is conducted every 4 years. The tiger India extension is believed to be the world’s largest wildlife survey in the effort of courage.

Government of India and the national tiger conservation authority  has also carried out the economic variants has to mitigate adverse impact of climate change. The number of tigers are decreasing with the level of the world due to carelessness and unprotected by the government.

Tiger conservation in India

Tiger is the national animal of India, many impacts have been done by the government of India to protect the wild animals or tigers. It is the world’s most iconic species. It has such a beautiful lining design on his body which is attractive. Tigers are “umbrella species” as their conservation conserves so many species. Thus , with consentive India, the tiger project was launched in 1973.due to planned a project of tiger, India has maximum numbers of tigers in the world.  

The 2014 country level tiger assessment there is 30 % of increasing the numbers of tigers in this world i.e from 1706 to 2010 has increased the population of tigers to 2226 in 2014. With this project, the number of tigers has been updating 90% faster as a general routine.

India is the only country in this world to have a position of no.1 for protecting worldwide animals. More awareness in the entire world of tiger  population and the challenge of their conservationists. The trend of rising populations in india as follow: 

  • In the year 2006 – 1411
  • In the year 2010 – 1706
  • In the year 2014 – 2226
  • In the year 2019 – 2967

India is a habitat of 75% tigers on the earth.many of tigers and species have disappeared from the earth. We all have a responsibility to save the animals from disappearing. 

We all have to cause for declining the no. of tigers as habitat loss as Clearing of forests for various purposes for agriculture, timber, development activity etc has led to loss of 93% of natural habitat of tigers. It has been fragmented, lowering chances of survival. It is also leading to conflict with humans, where both are competing for their own space.

Climate change ; rising sea levels as a result  we have to pick up the damage also happened for the decreasing Bengal tigers.

Countries with the highest number of world tigers are below

India – 2226, Russia, -433,indonesia-371, Malaysia -250, Nepal -198, Thailand – 189, Bangladesh – 106 and the other countries have tiger is Bhutan -103 , china – 07, Vietnam – 05, laos – 02. These are the numbers of tigers that exist on the earth. 

Tigers belong at the top of the food-chain. As a top predator, tigers are critical to proper ecosystem functioning. When ecosystems lack large predator populations, the population of herbivore animals grows at alarmingly fast rates. This fact, in turn, means that they must consume more and more plants which cause irreparable damage and leaves the ecosystem out of balance on earth. There are many Hollywood and bollywood films made to protect tigers.

So-called black tigers exist due to pseudo-melanism. These kinds of tiger have thick stripes too close together that the tawny background is barely visible between stripes. Pseudo-melanistic tigers exist and  can be seen in  the wild and zoos. Such tigers are said to be getting more common due to inbreeding.

In India, Maharashtra city has the highest number of tigers . The Ranthambhore National Park wildlife sanctuary is known for Bengal tigers and it is a popular place in India to see these tigers with their natural wildlife habitat. Tigers can be easily spotted in the daytime. The best time for tiger sightings in Ranthambore National Park is in November and may.

Hence tiger and wild animals should be protected by us. We should not kill them or hunt them. If we did we have to pick up so much damage and also the wild animals who destroy the farms can be harmful. So save the tigers and because of this the international tigers day will be celebrated every year.

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