International Theatre Day 2021

International Theatre Day 2021
International Theatre Day 2021

International Theatre Day celebrates on 27th March. This day was initiated by International Theatre Institute. This gives a platform to every person for show their talent in front of people. This develops confidence in people.It is an important platform for showing their own talent. This brings grance in their performance. 

Many things are included in theatre performance like dance, drama, singing etc. Every person has some skills. It makes them famous in the world with their own talent and handwork. Theatre gives them a platform for showing their talent in front of their society and country. 

Theatre journeys start from school, college and society programs. Interested kids and youths always participate in those programs. They show their performance with charm. They are glad by this because this platform gives them respect. 

Why are people celebrate this day?

People celebrate this day because it increases their skill. This helps in showing their talent with grace. People are happy by this because it entertains people. Every person wants entertainment in their personal life because it reduces their stress. 
Second thing about celebrating this is people love the theatre. Theatre gives many lessons with morals in life. People know about the world and traditions of different communities. Theatre gives a way to express emotions. 

Which day is celebrated on 27th March?

On 27th March we are celebrate “International Theatre Day”.
International Theatre Day initiated by “International Theatre Institute” (ITI) in 1961. People celebrate this with their happiness. Because this platform gives them respect.

What day is National Theatre Day?

People Celebrate National Theatre Day on 27th March. Theatre spread happiness in people. We also know about theatre because we love this. Some people love singing, drama and dance etc. This is the best platform for their performance. 

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