International Older Persons Day 2021 hd Images, Quotes, Theme, 1 Oct

International day of Older Persons is an event day celebrated on every year of ‘1st of October’. This day is celebrated around Globe. This day is celebrated in the honor of Older person. This event is also known as ‘International Older Person Day’. This day is celebrated under the annual frequency.

international day of older persons
international day of older persons
international older persons day
international older persons day

Older Person day is celebrated but introduced after the voting of the general assembly in ‘14 December 1990’. This day is celebrated to encourage people towards the generation who have been ignored by the future generation.This day survived under the resolution of 45/106.This event day is celebrated first in the year of ‘1991’.

This day is celebrated to define the Older generation’s importance in our life.This day is celebrated to focus the people about the elder problems such as abuse , harassment etc. This day is celebrated to make people aware about the elder issues. This day had given value to the older generation , with this it given introduction of other days such as Grandparents day etc.

This day is celebrated every year by every country in a different manner with different names such as In Japan ‘Respect for the Aged Day’ , In China ‘Double Ninth Festival’ etc.This day defines the future of every generation which has to accept it.This day defines the older generation feelings , values.

international older persons day quotes
international older persons day quotes

This day is mainly celebrated to define the younger generation about the older generation who worked for you , who experienced more than you etc.This day is celebrated to encourage the older generation towards their rights , values etc.This day defines the condition of older generation in Modern World.

This day defines their sacrifice and struggle for the future generation.This is an event where you should remind them of their love and concern for you.This day is celebrated for the older generation.This day is known as ‘Senior citizen day’. This day reminds older people and their contribution to the world.

This day is celebrated to recognize the older generation in forming the middle and future generation.This day is celebrated to recover the older generation from the pressure and problems. This is a day to salute and thank the older generation for their job of hard work.

international day of older persons theme
international day of older persons theme

The Need of this day celebration is because the older generation is facing hazardous problems due to future generation.This day is celebrated to overcome the pressure and ignorance from the world. This day is introduced to know the generation who worked for you and changes into white . This day is celebrated in respect of them.

The Purpose of this day , people are focusing towards that generation and expecting their life with them. This is a day to know them , closer with them etc. This is a day to break from the busy schedule and come together. The day had considered the older and future generation together and closer.

This day had a great event which recognized the favour ability of older people. These committees work for the older generation. This committee had introduced various exceptions for them such as air tickets etc.On this day , there is another phase coming in front of the world known as the older phase.

Older generation is necessary which defines the history , belif and way to live life. This day is considered the older generation’s necessity and prosperity.This day defines their life. This day defines the truth of every generation. This day defines the other generation you would be facing this generation.

This day is celebrated not to commend the older generation at the priority , they (older people) also don’t want , they want their love and concern. On this day , you should prefer fancy decorations to make them happy and joyful. Older day is celebrated for the challenges faced by the older generation.

This day is an opportunity for the older people to speak up and stand up with their identity.This day was celebrated under the assurance of the world health organization. This day defines the ages as just a number. This day is not for the biological older generation but for the other who had lost their dear ones and far from them.

This day includes the various programs such as rallies , events and campaigns. These programs mainly cover the future generation which makes this day better and effective. This day is celebrated around the globe which defines the modern people’s behavior and mindset from them.

This day is mainly supported by the ‘Integrated Care for Older person’. This day is celebrated with a theme program which adds more flavor to the day celebration and excitement. In 2019 , the theme was ‘Journey to Age equality’ which is the motto to define the generation about equality . This theme had defined their journey of life to the older generation.

In 2020 , the theme would be ‘Respect Old’ which considers respecting the old generation and treating them well. On this old generation is treated well and respect is given but not only this day , this had to be practiced all over life. They are who make us by sacrificing their youth generation and middle generation , it is a day to now return and pay it.

On this day , the media telecast their program with the interview of the older generation in which people get more about them. These days , markets , clubs , shops offer great discount , sales to them. This day reflects the society who is in their world.On these days , people announce numerous events to make older people happy and special day such as competitions , dance , music and adventure.

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