International Nurse Day 2021

International Nurse Day
International Nurse Day

International Nurse Day is celebrated every year on 12 May every year. Florence Nightingale was baptized on 12 May. Florence Nightingale was a nursing trainer who was born in 1820 and died in 1910. He was also awarded the Order of Ment Award.

International Nurse Day has different themes every year. It is related to the development of health and medical fields. Such as the theme of the day in 2019 “Nursing. The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.” This was a theme of this day. It has been a very special purpose to celebrate this day.

The celebrations of International Nurse Day began in 1065 by the International Council of Nurses (ICN). After this, in January 1974, it was announced to celebrate International Nurse Day on 12 May. To encourage this, the celebrating of National Nurses Week was also started from 2003, in which these days are celebrated from 6th May to 12th May.

By the way we all know about nurses. She works in the medical field and provides her services. Medical is a subject related to health that protects health. By the way, their area has also increased a lot, the medical field has also grown a lot. Due to which people get facilities in hospitals.

Nurses are medical staff who also help doctors and provide first aid. It supports to nurses. Regardless of the country, there is definitely a nurse staff in all their hospitals. Because without them the work of the medical department is very tough. The medical department needs protection and attention.

International Nurse Day is celebrated with an important purpose. As the theme of 2019 has been told. She was to balance mind, body and spirit. The balance of any person is very important for health. If there is no balance then the body is not maintained. Other body parts can be protected only by maintaining the body.

Mind is the most important part of the body that controls the body, develops the power of thinking and understanding, informs about any animal reaction. If the body has a different balance, the retarded is balanced. In the same way, it is easier to balance the body if it is in a low balance.

Spirit is a very beautiful part. Along with this, it has a great importance in our life. It is very difficult to live without spirit. It keeps the body alive. It is said that if there is no soul in the body, it becomes lifeless. That’s why you should keep yourself happy. So that the environment around you will also remain happy.

Health protection is very important. Nurses have always been instructing about this. They talk about health. People bring awareness about this. It is also a field related to social service. Those who cannot get their treatment, nurses also give them primary treatment and make them aware so that they should be cautious. That way it keeps it safe.

International Nurse Day is celebrated all over the poison. Everyone celebrates this day in their own way. If desired, nurses can be given gifts, thank you cards and greeting cards. She can be given things related to her work in gifts. It is useful for them. This makes them happy as well.

That’s why to celebrate International Nurse Day. With this people can also understand social service and help for social welfare. May 12 is a festival in their region that increases their enthusiasm and creates a new positive ideology.

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