International Non Violence Day 2021 Quotes, Images, Theme, 2 October

International Day of Non Violence celebrated every year of ‘2nd of October’. International Day of Non violence is celebrated to maintain the peace among the World. International Day of Non violence is also known as World Non violence Day. International Day of Non violence is one day event which is celebrated to overcome the social issue of violence.

International Day of Non violence is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.Non violence day is celebrated on birthday of Gandhi ji they were priests of Non violence. Gandhiji was the first person who introduced the world meaning of non violence.International Day of Non violence or Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on same day but mostly Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India.

Actually , Non violence means to commit your fight for rights but in peace form. Non violence is known as ‘Ahinsa’ in hindi which means not to make noise among the world. This is an type of movement practiced silently and most powerful from physical violence. This is an way to schedule your daily work and fight.

International Day of Non violence celebrated across the Global map. Non violence day was celebrated on Gandhi jayanti as they fought for India freedom with movements or revolutions in the format of non violence they gained their freedom which was a lesson for the world that every work would not be completed or end with violence.

International Day of Non violence was introduced by a Hindi teacher of Paris who was teaching ‘World Social Forum’ to their students. International Non violence day was first celebrated in January 2004 was observed under the United Nation Member states.This day spread the meaning and benefits of non violence.

On this day of Non violence people remember Mahatma Gandhi and their teachings which helps us to live life like them. Many non violence movements of Mahatma Gandhi which is popular among the World are Civil disobedience movement , Non cooperation movements , Salt March and Swadeshi movement.

On Gandhi Jayanti official holiday is granted in institutions , however, all over India. This day is celebrated as a National festival because of this our great freedom fighter was born. On this day , people worship Gandhi ji and take blessings from them. On every 2nd of October India becomes proud of them as they gave born to that personality which wrote their name in world books.

International Day of Non violence celebrated to spread the love and patience among the lives of people. This day defines the prosperity of India which has gained their freedom without taking the lives of people in great amount.Non violence day is celebrated to educate the people about the work of Mahatma Gandhi and Non violence benefits.

The Need of International Day of Non violence due to vision of World War 1 and World War 2. These debates had given the need to introduce that day which overcame these sudden pandemic events. This day was introduced to save the lives of humans and maintain the peace among the world.

The Purpose of International Day of Non violence had overcome the violence from the World in better data. People get to know more about Gandhi ji and India. People motivate to work on non violence cooperation. On this day , major people move their step towards non violence and world peace.

International Day of Non violence has brought the World together and helps in maintaining the non violence on the Planet. On this day , many people came from different countries sto attend the conference of Non violence day in which they focus on graphs , data and situations and measure for corrective action to solve or recover.

International Day of Non violence involves various functions such as campaigns , events , conferences and competitions. To make this day more special dramas , music etc consider to develop the spirit of non violence among people.On this day , many people honored with the awards who work for non violence.

International Day of Non violence is not limited to days of celebration. This day has given rise to the International day of peace and etc. special days. On this day , people inspire to follow the path of non violence and make their involvement in world peace and their non violence. This day majorly focuses on youth generation as they are involved greatly in spreading violence.

International day of non violence is a theme programmed. International Day of non violence 2019 theme was ‘Climate Action : Gandhian ways’ which means to take action for our surroundings but in ways of Gandhi ji which is non violence.Here the Climate doesn’t only means to the atmosphere but our surroundings.This surrounding means consider those activities which doesn’t lead give rise to the situation of crises and violence.

International Day of Non violence 2019 had given the right message to the world not to work for self but to work selflessly and took some time for the welfare of the world.Even , this day given good deal that at least in your surrounding help in overcoming the situations of non violence and not rise them which may affect our world greatly.

International Day of Non violence 2020 theme would be interesting and based on gandhian ways which would disappear violence from World. International Day of Non violence 2020 focuses on measures which would help the world to gain their Goal of celebrating the non violence day among the world by stepping small steps.

World Non violence day 2020 is another example of good results which help in maintaining peace and happiness in the World due to non violence.Non violence day is not only marked important in India but it is an important and special day for the world as this day helps the world to schedule their lives in peace and non violating form.

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