International Museum Day 2021

International Museum Day 2021
International Museum Day 2021

The International Museum Day is celebrated every year on 18 May. It is celebrated with happiness throughout the world. With this, everyone keeps their own culture safe. Museums are different from city to city. Everyone knows about the museum and everyone has a museum.

All under the museum preserve their own ancient and cultural heritage. It is easy to learn about history through heritage. This is an old culture that is preserved by the government. They take responsibility for their cleanliness, repair, safety. They are protected by this.

People from many countries and abroad come and go to see the museum. Because it fascinates them. It attracts his mind. This gives respect to that culture and the people who protect it as their pride.

All kinds of things are preserved in the museum. Such as old clay, wood, metal utensils, jewellery, old clothes, kings’ deference equipment, paintings, mortars, artisans, script letters and many other things are preserved in the present. By keeping such things, your culture is kept alive.

All countries and states have their own culture. Because of this culture, traditions do not end and everyone gets a different identity. This work requires the cooperation of all. It is very difficult to survive history without cooperation.

The museum is one of our heritage which also enhances its fame. This also increases the importance of that place. Although many books of history have also been written, but when they are seen in reality, then history can be easily believed. Because in order to understand the truth of anything, some proof is needed.

World Museum Day is celebrated every year with a new theme. This also makes people aware of their heritage. In this they provide them protection. The museum is in a way a property of its own. By keeping the museum beautiful, it becomes popular for the people. This also increases that traffic.

The museum can be established in any historical place. The entire property is protected by this. There are also animals in the museum. There are also many animals which are not on earth today and people know about them only through books. But their duplicate statues are also installed in the museum so that they can see them.

There are many museums in the world which are more popular and along with culture, tradition has also been preserved like-

Louvre — Paris, France,
National Museum of China — Beijing, China
National Museum of Natural History — Washington, DC, USA
National Air and Space Museum — Washington, DC, USA
British Museum — London, UK
The National Gallery — London, UK
The Metropolitan Museum of Art — New York, NY, USA
Vatican Museums — Vatican
National Palace Museum (Taiwan) — Taipei, Taiwan
Natural History Museum — London, UK
American Museum of Natural History — New York, NY, USA

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