International Mother Earth Day 2021

International Mother Earth Day
International Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth day , This day is celebrated every year on ‘22 April’ at the Global level. This day is also known as ‘Earth Day’. This day is celebrated to create awareness among the people about the value and safety of Earth such as eco systems or balances changing of Environment or climate change etc.

This day was introduced in the year 2009 and adopted in the year of 2010 on 22nd April by the General Assembly under the resolution of ‘A/RES/63/278’ at the location of UN Member States. This day is celebrated to identify the Earth’s harmony with nature and balance management .

This day celebrates and encourages for the valued statement that the ‘Earth and its ecosystems ‘ are homes and favorable for us. The President named  ‘Mr.Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann’ of General assembly welcome the day of ‘International Mother Earth Day’ and Stated that ‘International Mother Earth Day provide a view to the Earth as entity where all the livings beings are surviving and following the Nature and ecosystems rules and regulations.

This day promotes the safety and importance regarding the Planet of Earth. This day focuses on the problems (Global Warming), challenges (Deforestation) and variability(Endangered species)of the planet to the people.This day is programmed with the schedules such as events , programs , campaigns and rallies.

This day is a protest against the spoiling the systems of nature and Earth. This day is programmed for the minimization or reduction of Nature spoil. This day brings attention to people on nature and earth welfare. This day announces the responsibility and duty of people to save and well maintain the Earth and their parts such as ecosystems, environment etc.

This day forecast the trouble and danger regarding the lives and planet , regarding the precautions to overcome it. This day contracts a special relationship of people with the Earth and nature. This day adds a flavour of coordination , cooperation among the people and countries.

The day focuses on the emotions regarding the day celebration such as happiness , love , respect , understanding , innocence and purity. This day focus on acknowledging the global public to raise their attention on the earth and its environment so that it maintains for the better lives and balances of survival.

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