International Mine Awareness Day 2021

International Mine Awareness Day
International Mine Awareness Day

International Mine Awareness day , 04 April is celebrated every year Mine Awareness day across the World. This day Celebrated to create awareness among the people subjected to threats considered due to land mines. This day was celebrated for land safety and assurance .

 This day was introduced by the General Assembly on ‘8th Dec 2005’ . This day is properly subjected to ‘International Mine Awareness day and Assistance Mine action’. This is subjected to the land and mines assertion. This is associated with lives , health and safety variability. This day encourages the government to perform the events regarding the mine cleaning program.

This day is programmed with the schedule events , campaigns , rallies , and performances. In 2019 , the program schedule celebration with the theme ‘Safe Ground and Safe Home’. The Aim was to constitute the architecture sustainable building and development by assuring the peace and security among the land lives.

This day is associated with the cleaning of mine fields , raising awareness and bringing communities together. This day is associated with the effects , impacts and precautions to get rid of. This day is celebrated to bring the focus about the land scramble due to two reasons :

  • Due to luxuries .
  • Due to workmanship.

This day is not associated with awareness but to educate people about this variability. The Day celebration doesn’t measure for the pomp and shower celebration but for acknowledging and improving the lives survival over the land.This day doesn’t claim for the unavailability of mining working but after accommodating mines to accumulate in measure and managed manner.

Mining working certified working needs a license and certificate to assure working in legal and government bodies. This work depends upon the land . This working progress measures the land scramble and occupying favorable mines , stones , metal and marbles. This working stands to commencing luxuries items and stones motto to show off.

This day is celebrated to help the affected people  or threat areas. This commence report of land and analysis of land area. The Aim of this day’s celebration is to be aware and focus on the land’s hydration .

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