International Midwives Day 2021

International Midwives Day
International Midwives Day

International Midwives Day is celebrated every year on 5th May. This is a very special day that is seen on Mother Love. Midwives have a special roll everywhere. Wherever a child is born, it is a perfect instructor for those mothers. It gives guidelines for the birth of a child. So that there is no risk of any kind to the child.

This is an International Day that is celebrated throughout the world. Midwives also have another name Midwife. It is an important lady for all women who give birth. Who helps them. The roll of Midwife has been from very ancient times. It can also be called a kind of trade.

Celebrating International Midwives Day is of special importance to everyone as mid-way is a kind of mother who supports her children. The midwife starts her work before the baby is born so that the baby is healthy. Even after the birth of the child, she continues her work in such a way that there is no reduction in her nutrition.

Midwives are also a type of protector that takes care of the health of both mother and child. Hence they are also called midwife. This is an important work which is aimed at the child and his mother. Midwives considers this task to be a responsibility for which she gives her dedication.

What is midwives?

Midwives are those who take responsibility for the child born and the mother who gave birth to it. It does all its work to keep the baby healthy and until its birth. She is the kind of mother who protects them.

Very few people respect the work of midwife and do not understand their value. Because of this, people do not know about them. Therefore, this day is celebrated. But the need for midwives has always been on this earth. This work can also be called a kind of trade.

How to celebrate International Midwives Day?

International Midwives Day can be celebrated in a beautiful way. In this, thank you cards can be given to midwives. Some gifts can also be given as souvenirs. Others can also do so which will give them both happiness and respect. You can also gift something that is helpful for their work.

Midwife Day can also celebrate all their recordings. But respect and happiness are very important. This gives them excitement and motivation. This makes her feel good towards her work. Mid-day should celebrate this fold and help them as well.

When and why is International Midwives Day celebrated?

International Midwives Day is celebrated every year on 5 May. It was started from 1991. It is celebrated in about 50 countries.
This day appreciates Mother Love. This day is celebrated to honor them. Because midwives have a beautiful role in everyone’s life. Everyone wants their child to be born healthy, which requires a midwife. Their child-bearing lady is in great need. Therefore, this day is celebrated every year.

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