International Literacy Day 2021 hd images, Quotes, Theme, 8 September

International literacy day is officially celebrated on September 8 each year. This day was declared by UNESCO ( United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) on 26october 1966 at the 14th session of UNESCO’s general conference. The first international literacy day is celebrated on 8 September 1967. 

international literacy day
international literacy day

The aim is to celebrate international literacy day to educate the people about the importance of literacy in individuals, society, and communities. It is celebrated in several countries. 

Embracing linguistic diversity in education and literacy development, it is a challenge to establish and guide the people of the importance of literacy needed in our society. People are genuinely unknown with the meaning of literacy. They do not properly give education to the children. It is celebrated around the globe. 

To promote the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights and to advance the literacy agenda and more to suit the literate society. Here are thousands of people who literally don’t want to understand how much literacy is important in human life for developing themselves and society.

According to UNESCO, of the millions of 775 people, one out of five adults are still not literate and two thirds of them are women. There is a superstition in people a lot that being educated is just wasting of time. People in India are in such a level of  poverty so they can’t afford their kids to go to school. 

According to 2011,the literacy census was 93.91% in Kerala, and 91.58% in Mizoram among the most literate states in the country. The national ratio of literacy was 78.04 %. Literacy is the key to socio economic progress. According to the 2020 census of literacy, the total ratio of literate people is 81.3%. The literacy level of India is increasing sluggish. 

The unemployment and poverty was also a reason for ill-literate peoples. There was no tradition for getting education. India is a country where people live with different religions,but in ancient times, people were divided into three categories. 1. Upper class category 2. Middle class category 3. And the low class category.

 People who belong to an upper class family relate with the king or the richest person only allowed to be educated. Secondly, the middle class person who is just below the kings and richest person or family,has permission to get education who is generally “kshatriya”. And the last phase of lower category people who belong with lower caste, and are not allowed to get education. 

That is also a reason for the low level of literacy. There is a wide gender disparity in the literacy of india. The low level of female literacy census is because, in India ,there are backward people who always remain in their mind that girls only have to do stove care only and pretend to be herself as a household lady and they do not need for better education. 

Studies have indicated that female literacy is a strong predictor of the use of contraception among married Indian couples, even when women do not otherwise have economic independence. 

According to census, a person with the age of 7 who can both read and write with understanding in any language is treated as literate,but one who can only read the following article but can’t write them is treated as ill-literate people. The person below the age of 5 is treated as an illiterate person according to UNESCO.

Isolated from the world,North korea has top in the list of high rated literacy,and Russia has the highest position in the world for literate people. Almost 53% of the people are tertiary educated.

Some Countries With Literacy Rate

  1.  North Korea – 100%
  2. Greenland – 100%
  3. Uzbekistan – 100%
  4. Latvia – 99.9%
  5. San marino – 99.9%
  6. Poland – 99.8%
  7. Tajikistan – 99.8%
  8. Armenia – 99.7%
  9. Russia – 99.7%
  10. Italy – 99.2%
  11. Romania – 98.8%
  12. Spain – 98.4%
  13. Singapore – 97.3%
  14. China – 96.8%
  15. Mexico -95.4%
  16. Thailand – 92.9%
  17. Ghana – 76.6
  18. India – 74.4%
  19. Bangladesh – 73.9
  20. Pakistan – 59.1%

Like this, there is such a literacy rate in many countries of literacy level.  Now the situation has changed. People are becoming educated. It is a day to celebrate the number of ratios increasing in India and other countries for the better growth of literacy level. Now the competition is tough. For applying a better designation, we should need to be educated,all the opportunity is based on how much we are educated. 

Some of literacy activity can done at home are : 

  •  We can read some books and motivate our youngsters to read some books.
  • Planned theme reading nights.
  • watch some movies with giving the inspiration of the importance of literacy.
  • Reading novels are also a part of celebrating international literacy day.
  • Classmates can share their notebooks with each other to increase the level of literacy rate in india.
  • Giving in charity of lot books for the childrens who cannot afford books in Orphanage.
  • Reading newspapers daily and magazines can also be a good way to celebrate international literacy .
  • Literacy day is a day where people are encouraged to highlight the education and the importance of literacy to qualify all the competition exams for the government designation.
  • The six literacy skills are : vocabulary,print motivation, print awareness,narrative skills, letter knowledge, and phonological awareness. These important skills are the building blocks for learning to read and write.

It is necessary to educate in the present time for better career,employment,and livelihood. By adopting various themes every year wants to turn attention to literacy in all its forms in a changing world. No doubt without literacy we can’t make changes in the world and also can’t improve our living beings. So be educated to make changes in our world.

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