International Jazz Day 2021

International Jazz Day
International Jazz Day

Every year 30 April is celebrated as an anniversary around the Globe of the day known as ‘International Jazz Day’. The Subject had termed ‘Jazz’ refers to a type of black American music started in the 20 Century. This is a type of rhythm which is a combination of improvisation , syncopation which feels for the regular and forceful emotion.

This day is defined in the category of ‘Music Promotion’. This day is celebrated to create awareness among the people about that portion or part of music. The Music assertion of this day is designed with the brass woodwind instruments and Piano’s. The Music appearance properly feels with the instrument of jazz , however the tuning and combination may attach the instruments such as violin and Guitar.

According to Nina Simone : ‘Jazz is not a type or form of music but this is way to live life , way to Thinking and way of being’. This music is not associated with the physical assertion but attaches and delights the mental state such as Heart , mind. This music is defined with the styles such as Dixieland , swing , bebop and free jazz.

The Music is sand and written with the feel and emotions of human dignity , civil rights and democracy. The Music is sung not only to feel the emotions but to convey the problem and challenges and measure for the solutions. The Music sung to convey certain emotions faced by them among the world such as discrimination and racism.

This day is defined and identified under the assurance and adaptability of UNESCO (United Nation Educational , Social and Cultural Organization). The UNESCO also justifies an statement that the ‘Jazz is not a music but a type of peace , dialogue and understanding’.

The Day is celebrated to promote the music and their education. The Need of this day celebration because this encourages the black Americans will and struggles. However this is a part of Entertainment for them (Black Americans). The Music had created a link and network between the lives of black Americans . This day had support and standing ability to black Americans to face the problems in form of motivation.

This music had identifies various emotions and helps in overcoming problem which re follows:

  • Provides freedom.
  • Breaks the barriers.
  • Reduces the mental stress.
  • Innovation of art and culture.
  • Dialogue and vocabulary assertion.
  • Empowerment .

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