International Internet Day 2021 Theme, hd Images, 29 October

International Internet Day History 

International Internet Day was established in the year 2005 of 29 October. International Internet Day is celebrated shortly afterwards the celebration of ‘World Summit on Information Society’ celebrated in Tunisia. 

As International Internet Day is celebrated under the approval of the United Nation General Assembly. International Internet day is celebrated under the cooperation and assurance of countries.

The First Internet connection was introduced on 29th of October in 1969.

International Internet Day

International Internet Day is celebrated every year of Every ‘29th of October. International Internet Day is also called ‘World Internet Day or Internet Day’. International Internet Day is celebrated in more than 20 countries across the Global Map. International Internet Day celebrated at the annual frequency.

International Internet Day is celebrated to educate the people another phase of communication. This another phase of communication is online mode media where their connections are in air or underground.International Internet Day is to focus the people on the Internet.

International Internet Day is celebrated to bring attention to Government countries to promote the internet for advancement of the world and their people.International Internet Day celebrated to spread the benefit or favourability of the Internet to their scheduled busy life.

International Internet Day is celebrated to know about the internet and projects in work that lead to better and effective work and their results. International Internet Day is celebrated to provide the internet service to the people which help in their standard of living and world.

Need of International Internet Day 

The Need of International Internet Day arises from the 1980’s. As from the 1980’s , people are more with their work and spread themselves over the world. The people are searching for techniques with which their work over the world remains touch and consider in an effective and efficient way.

In the Past scenario , the techniques were not developed and this leads to limited work in limited areas. People are in search of methods which they can overcome their issue of work and spread.

In the present scenario , people are not familiar with these innovations. However , they know about the internet but don’t know how to operate it. Present scenario demands to educate the clicking the internet. 

By Clicking on the Internet they are a way towards development. With this , they get to know about the information and condition among the world , sitting at any phase of the world. In the present scenario , it helps in building connection with other people which leads to better understanding and knowing about new thoughts.

In Future scenario , as people are more linked or associated with the internet due to advancement and their work. Due to this , they came up with their new ideas and innovation of the internet which need to explore and discuss with the people. Celebrating International Internet day is best to publicize it.

Banning of Internet Apps 2020

The Government of India had banned some Internet Apps. The Government of India Banned these apps on the ‘27th of July’.These Internet apps banned for two reasons :

  • As it is not faithful for the younger generation , because these apps attract the younger generation which busy them in themselves leads to rise of alone times , negative and wrong thoughts etc.
  • These Apps belong to chinese country , as it gives a crore of money to them which leads to their development and decrement of India.

The Government of India Banned around 59 apps for the faith of people and country economic conditions , these are : Tik Tok , Club Factory , Like it , Share it , UC Browser , We Chat , MI Community , Helo , Cam scanner etc.

The Government of India Banned these apps for the welfare of people , especially the youth generation who spent more of their important time on these apps. However , the Indian government will create these types of apps in their country which lead to development of India but have some limitations so that people are not addicted to it.

International Internet Day 2019 theme 

International Internet Day theme projected. The International Internet Day 2019 theme was ‘Together for Better Internet’.

International Internet Day 2019 theme as it addresses the people of the world come together , as they come together with better relations and understanding between them which commit happiness and peace in the World.

As in International Internet Day 2019 the theme means we have to come to closure for the effective and efficient internet ( not committing to speed of internet) which means overcoming the internet frauds , exploitations and making useful and worth for the people which means to exchange information , building knowledge etc.

International Internet Day 2020

International Internet day 2020 will highlight all aspects of the scenario which help to analyze the steps and measure for it. International Internet day 2020 introduces the new facts and basis of interest which is sustainable for the world and people. International Internet Day 2020 will discuss banning apps and introducing new apps.

International Internet Day 2020 celebration took place online via video calling as per condition of sudden pandemic covid 19. International Internet Day 2020 will publish hidden issues of the internet as in sharing fake news and protesting against that fraud and misunderstanding information.

International Internet day 2020 will observe all the graphs and data , so they came to a base and searched for the ideas. International Internet Day 2020 will focus on youth generation that there belief , mindset and choices will help more and spirit up the project. International Internet day 2020 want to safeguard and pure the are of internet for its users which make their satisfaction and ease.

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