International Girl Child Day 2021 Theme, Quotes, hd Images, 11 October

International Girl Child Day is celebrated to honor girl child. International Girl child day is also known as World Girl Child day , Day of Girls.International Girl child day is celebrated every year as a global event on every ‘11 Oct’. International Girl child day is a day which is observed annually. International Girl child day is celebrated by continuing the work of normal schedule.

International Girl Child day was first celebrated on ‘11th of October , 2012’. International Girl Child day is introduced by keeping in mind the welfare of Girls. International Girl child refers to female’s. International Girl child day is a day celebrated as a social special event. International Girl Child day is to realize the importance and value of Girls on Earth.

International Girl child day is a benchmark from all the social events day celebration , as Girl child day is celebrated to overcome the problems of Girls which they are facing in society. Girl child problems are such as discrimation , education , health related problems , early marriages , early pregnancy etc.

International Girl child day is celebrated to recognize these hidden and major problems in our World , actually in the 21st century. International Girl child day focuses on rights and happiness of Girl child. Day of Girls means time for Girls in which they motivate themselves to favour their rights and wellness.

International Day of Girl child needs arise when the Girls child is facing a huge amount of problems due to society pressure . Actually , Girl children disappear from the World. The Reason behind that the Girl child had not their rights, even right to live (according to their wish) , they step according to society or in boundaries of old.

The Purpose of Days of Girls to motivate the girls to fight for themselves. To overcome the discrimation from world. Days of Girls introduce many groups or committees who fought for the girls rights . Day of Girls had motivated girls to live their life in their own way , they had liberty to do everything.

On International Girl child day , many people practice donations in welfare societies and NGO of girls to help them. On this day , many programs are organized to celebrate Girls Day of girls in a special manner. Programs such plays , dramas ,  music and competitions. International Girl child boosts up the Girl spirit and confidence to stand for them and their welfareness.

International Girl child day involves many personalities from different countries to come up in conference and discuss the  measures which help and benefit the Girls . This day brings the world together to discuss issues of Girls. On this day , Girls knew many unknown and important information related to their rights and welfare. 

On World Girl Child day , many campaigns , rallies and events are considered in which they aware girls related to their happiness and rights. This day is a protest against the society who committed Girls as their burden , or toy , machine of reproductions or physical relationship. International Girl child day is for girls who are becoming the victim of violence due to societal reasons.

World Girl Child day focuses on hidden cases or girls who are incapable of filing for their rights. International Girl Child day gives inspiration to stand for happiness and interest without fear from society’s step according to their will power. International girl child day is celebrated to bring the attention of the government on the poor condition of girls and take actions to overcome it.

On International Girl child day , people focus on the graphs or data of Girl child birth rate , death rate , victim rate and many others to know the results of their events programs and actions measured for girls rights and welfare. This day is a blessing for girls to initiate for their wishes and cheer.

However , the International Girl child day is celebrated to overcome the girl baby absorption in the womb. This day gives tribute to Girls , as they sacrifice their rights , victims of violence but they won’t let people do these things and always smile with inner fear , anger and sadness.

International Girl child day is celebrated to raise the Goddess from the Girls. This day gives a louder voice to girls to speak for them and protect against unwell and bad practices. International girl child day denoted to girls happiness and betterment.This day celebrated to reduce girls health issues and mental problems.

International Girl child day projects for the Female , feminism which has given rise to many other social days and events for girls.International Girl child assure many girls of their rights and they are living their way of the world. International Girl child day to overcome the challenges of girls due to the mindset they are dumbh , unpowered and soft. 

International Girl child day projects to cover the girls from the problems such as teasing (majorily) , rape etc. These projects are of self defence and self work in which they can easily fight for themselves and give lessons to society. This day realizes society has to work for protection and savage girls , not to consider them in lockers.

International Girl child day is theme program day. International Girl child day 2018 theme was ‘A skilled Girl force’. International Girl child day 2018 means to fuc on education and enhance their skill which helps them in future. Enhance skill as the girl child is also entering into the workforce needed to update with the world. Updated with the world means knowing about new techniques , technologies , digitalization etc.

International Girl child day 2019 theme was ‘Girlforce :Unscripted or unstopped’. International Girls child day 2019 theme was to overcome ranging due to gender and their l reproductive health. Another meaning of International Girl child day as girls can’t be  scripted by anyone , their project of life based on  their wish or will , referring to society. Girls are unstoppable as they live their life with many obstacles happy and joyful. 

International Girl Child day 2020 theme would be more interesting from the previous year theme. This theme would be based on girls current conditions and violence. International Girl child day 2020 theme will in smalls words but refer to a great message. International girl child day 2020 would be a special day in which the crises of girls would be solved and protesting against the victim. International Girl child day 2020 will bring new beginnings to girls phase of life (who are facing problems for their rights and welfare (majorily) and other girls).

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