International Firefighter’s Day 2021

International Firefighter's Day
International Firefighter’s Day

International Firefighters Day is celebrated on 4th May. This day is celebrated in the world with happiness. This day promotes the work of firemen. Because firemen always protect us from fire accidents. 

We also know about fire brigadiers. Firemen powerful and brave men. This day provides them with respect and tell people about responsibilities of their work. International Firefighters Day provides smiles on fireman’s faces.   

Accidentally fire losses hurt people but firefighters save us. Fire losses are harmful because this burns many things like stock, homes, buildings etc. But firefighters always help us and protect our property. 

International Firefighters Day is especially celebrated for firefighters. This day provides them with respect and happiness. This is different department to other and different work to other. 

Firefighters are needed in society, country and world because they are always given positive ways in difficult times. We also know the harm of fire. Sometimes it burns people. 

At present fire loss is the biggest problem in the world. Because a few months ago Australia and Amazon forest were lost by fire. Then firefighters try to save trees, animals, forests. After sometime they get success in this work. 

This is a beautiful example of firefighters and their courage. This example is good for understanding people for knowing the importance and value of fire. Fire is good but sometime it is dangerous. Then we need firefighters to fight the fire. 

The Objective of celebrating the International Firefighters Day is given importance to fit firefighters. Then we all enjoy this day with happiness or good objects who provide them help and respect in the world.

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