International Democracy Day 2021 Quotes, Images, Theme, 15 September

International day of democracy is an event day celebrated every year on ‘15 September’. This day is celebrated as event day. This is a one day event. This day is celebrated around the globe. This day was introduced in the year 2007 by the United general assembly.

international democracy day
international democracy day

This day is celebrated in the honor of democracy. This day is celebrated to promote democracy over the World. This is an event which describes the importance and value of democracy.This event day is celebrated to define the meaning of democracy. This day is celebrated under the annual frequency.

This day is celebrated to raise the public awareness about their rights , expression etc. We celebrate democracy day but we need to know the meaning of democracy. Democracy is a provision under which the people had the authority to choose their government and express their wants.

This day is celebrated to recognize those countries who are following their self rule/ one rule in spite of democracy. Democracy is not related to the choosing parties but to freely express your say and wants. This day is celebrated to encourage the people towards their means and rights.

international democracy day theme
international democracy day theme

This day is a protesting day for all those who are considering their rule. This day gives an opportunity to fight your rights , rules etc. This day helps people voice their protest more louder against the cruel or their rulers. This day defines the ‘everyone has the right to say , want and live freely in their way’.

This day is also known as ‘International day of democracy’. This day had been surviving under the guidance of the ‘World Health Organization’. This day had great significance and value for the people who are sacrificing and struggling for their lives in this modern world of say.This day had universal value.

The Need of this day celebration is because people are living their life under any rule or monopoly which makes the people say inside. Due to this , people’s lives are under the pressure or any rule which makes them slavers of the ruling party. This day is to know about yourself and your world of democracy.

Democracy day is celebrated to make the lives of people happy and independent. This day is celebrated to overcome the monopoly of government people on the public and country. This day is celebrated to encourage the people towards the spit of democracy.This day is a slap on the monopoly rulings or generation ruling.

The Purpose of this day , people are secure and safe with their rights. This day has considered many countries on the path of democracy.This day has made the lives of many people freely and happily. Democracy day is celebrated to overcome the pressure from the people’s lives and gives them freedom.

international democracy day essay
international democracy day essay

Democracy day is celebrated for the people who are living their life on dependency. This day defines to live independently. This day mainly commences with the people who are under rule. This day includes many events such as rallies , campaigns and events which describe the actual meaning of democracy and the pains of people under one rule or monopoly.

This day is not only regarding democracy but also defines the conditions of factors such as social , economic , political and cultural manner. This day is only subjected to civics matters such as democracy. This day is celebrated for humanity and rights. This day is for the expression to say to the outer world in an effective manner.

Democracy day is celebrated with no fancy decoration and celebration. On this day , no official holiday is granted. This event day follows the Gregorian calendar.This day defines the wish , wants and say who have been coming outward from the people’s mouth. Democracy day is celebrated for the humans and the government parties.

This day has considered the people together over the world. This day has given rise to a group of people who are practicing to bring democracy in their country and world. This day originated from the crises and death of people.

This day is a symbol of sacrifice and step towards the fight of right and their wants in free air. This day is celebrated for independence and freedom. This day is celebrated to overcome the rule of one or monopoly people/parties. This day is celebrated for the rights which may be right to read , write , way etc.

This day includes the feelings of participation to the people. This day is related to the problem of past and present which make the future dependent. This day is celebrated to empower the people to avoid the one ruling party legislation. This day is celebrated for the people happiness , peace and freedom.

On this day , universal declaration of democracy was adopted and considered for a way on the path. This day is celebrated to make your voice heard and louder to them (one ruler or monopoly). This day defines the principle and provisions of democracy. This day defines the deep study and book of democracy.

This day encourages the youth generation to take action against this policy. This day is an initiative day to make their choice of government. This is a day to define the work of government and wants from government related to their lives and welfare. This is a day to help the people who are surviving their lives under the monopoly.

For this day , many organizations are introduced to work for it but this also leads to the involvement of a group of people. This day needs the support and voice. This day focuses people to live their life in their way. This day defines the system and manner to say and behave. On this day , special spirit , energy and understanding consider among the people.

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