International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression 2021

International day of Innocent children Victims of Aggression , This day is celebrated on ‘4th june’ every year across the globe. This day is celebrated under the assurance of the United nation on 19Aug1982. This day celebration focuses on the Lebanon war where the pain suffered by the children in physical and mental state.

However the Lebanon war is a type of  Civil war which occurred in Israel. This was known as the first Lebanon war. The War takes place between the ‘Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel Deference forces’.However this day is to salute and care for the children who had sacrificed and got damaged during the war.

This day is celebrated to create awareness among the people about the Lebanon war and their sacrifice and journey to the World. This day is not celebrated descriptive about the war but the suffering or sacrifice commended by the children in war.

However the Lebanon war was defeated several times after the 1982 and last in 2006. The Day is identified in 1982 because of the fact that the children had to sacrifice or suffer due to countries or boundaries lines or self esteem diaries.This had played a great loss to the countries but also many lives such as innocent lives.

This day had not commenced the loss to the emotional state too.This day promotes protection for  the rights and safety of child lives. This day is associated with the events , programs , performance , campaigns and rallies. This day had to revive the heels of pain of the war and that innocent child lives.

The War had targeted six major breaks out which were the civilians , schools and hospitals ,recruitment and unlawful detention of children , sexual violence . On this act of war , the general assembly of had the question on the Palestine  had commenced , ‘the great number of innocent Child lives of Palestine and labenese had suffer due to act of aggression of Israel.”

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