International Day of Happiness 2021

International Day of Happiness 2021
International Day of Happiness 2021

Wishing you happiness and prosperity on International day of Happiness!!!! This day is celebrated on 20nd March every year across the World. The Concept of this day celebration was founded by ‘Jayme lllien’.This is also known as ‘Happiness Day’. This day is observed under the UN member States.

This day is considered for the emotion and feeling variability of Happiness. The Introduction of this day based on simple logic , that every individual should have the right to live happily , well being and  freedom on the Earth. The Illien had regard to the purpose of celebrating the day of Humanity commencement.

This had been mainly associated with the life saving purpose of individuals who were orphans and abandoned children , disabilities personalities. This day is celebrated to overcome the personalities from the sadness , depression and loneliness in this busy life.

In 2008 , This had launched a United Nation program with the United Nation based policy which initiated the Creation of International day of happiness awareness which recognizes Human rights and fundamental rights. This day had environments that felt different , means of Favorable emotion such as happiness , joy , motivation , purity , freshness , delighted and Innocence. 

However the Emotion expression of happiness doesn’t require any day , it measures when you feel for it.

This day had been associated with the various programs for the celebration purpose , this also includes themes , memes , codes etc. In 2019 , the theme to celebrate this day was ‘Happier Together’. The aim had defined to focus on what we have in common and what divides us. In 2020 , The theme had been proclaimed ‘Happiness for all forever’ , the aim would be to consider happiness feelings for a long life or ever period.

This manages to bring happiness among the people of World especially on this day.This is based on the advanced paradigm of the UN’s global globes to manage human life in a good and favorable manner of every one such as happiness , well being and freedom filled.

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