International Day of Families 2021

International Day of Families
International Day of Families

The International Day of Families is celebrated on 15 May. This day supports the family and tells the importance of the family. Family is the best part of life, for which everyone always does something special. This keeps the family united. The family supports each other and becomes strong.

International Day of Families “makes everyone aware of the family so that people are always connected to their family. It also enhances their love that always keeps them together. The family gives protection, love and help to each other. Which deepens their relationship.

International Day of Families “is celebrated in the Whole World. It is celebrated in the world so that everyone thinks about and stays with their family. A new theme is always kept on the occasion of this day, which is related to society and family.

Families together form a society. These small societies together make up the world. All these people are connected to each other through some relationship. In this way there is peace in the society and no one has any sense of violence. This is the most beautiful thing in the world which only enhances the beauty of nature.

International Day of Families “The purpose of celebrating every year with a new purpose is that people who stay away from family nowadays and live without family should not do so. In today’s time, everyone wants a separate life so that there is no interference in their life. Because of this, they used to live separately from the family.

But this should not be done. Because the importance of family has been going on since ancient times. Everyone lives together and used to celebrate every festival together with the whole family. Not only this, the boy used to support the family with his tradition. So that their culture and tradition get respect.

The family is seen in society from a perspective way. The person who lives with the family always helps them, they are given a respect in the society. But in today’s time, the family is not supported. All are engaged in their work, so that they are cut off from their family and their members.

The International Day of Families seeks to eliminate these negative attitudes. Because people do not understand the value of the family, they only see their selfishness. Which is slowly destroying ancient culture. To maintain this culture, the slogan “Vasudev Kutumbakam” was given.

“Vasudev Kutumbakam” means that this entire earth is my family and we will always help them. But due to modern culture and ideology, people are ending this importance. The family consists of all the people such as parents, grand parents, brothers, sisters, who spend a lot of time with life.

But after growing up, everyone falls apart forgetting their value. There are parents who bring this world. But they forget this and leave them for their own selfishness. To end this wrong ideology, Family Day is celebrated.

The International Day of Families is essential for individuals and children. Because all are part of the family. Many ancient texts, Puranas and stories have also been told about the family, which explain its importance. But in today’s time very few people understand this.

Family is also an important part of family. The person who works for the welfare. The family has received a new importance and honor from the International Day of Families. So that many people still live together and celebrate together.

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