International day of Cooperatives 2021 hd Images, Quotes

International day of cooperatives , This day is celebrated on ‘6 July’ every year around World wide at the annual frequency.This day identified by the ‘International Cooperative alliance’. This had been justified under the ‘International cooperative Movement’. This day identified under the Organization or business sector.

This day is celebrated for the expression or feelings of coordination among the individuals. This day is celebrated for the development and growth of organizations or companies. This day is based on moral , economic and ethical value.This day regards for the organization which is surrounded by the problems , challenges etc.

This day is marked by the cooperation companies for the sustainable development and management of their business. This day refers to the great celebration as we can say ‘Gala’. This day marks equality and elegant behavior. This day is especially for the service sector employees.

This day is focused on the cooperatives and their schedule , employees.This day is protesting against the unfavorable and miserable conditions. This day is focused on the tasks accomplishment and goal achievement community with the measure of cooperation.

This day refers to the support of  individuals as a team who are working for organization. This day is associated with the advancement and promotion of cooperation for the public and private institutions.This day is associated with the program schedule.

In 2019 , The program schedule theme was ‘#COOPS 4 Decent Work’. The Aim was to define the working schedule in a small and effective phase ‘Cooperation for Decent working’. Decent referring for the effective and efficient working. Documentary took place in the workshop.

The Principal aim of this day celebration is to solve the problems and manage the cooperatives and their working individuals to achieve the target goals with cooperation and coordination. This defines the cooperative relationship with their employees. The 2019 workshop takes place in Nepal conducted by the ‘Bhabishya Nirman Sana Kishan’.

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