International Day for Biological Diversity 2021

International Day for Biological Diversity
International Day for Biological Diversity

The International Day for Biological Diversity is celebrated on 22nd May every year. This day talks about Biological Diversity such as its value and Importance. Biological Diversity is the part of our earth which is related to the background. Biological Diversity includes all the biological creatures of the earth. It also includes the ecosystem.

The International Day for Biological Diversity is organized every year with a new theme. Important themes of the last few years, which were made the main objective on this day, which brought about the people.

2019 – Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health.
2018 – Celebrating 25 Years of Action For Biodiversity.
2017 – Biodiversity And Sustainable Tourism.
2016 – Mainstreaming Biodiversity,Sustaining People And Their Livelihood.
2015 – Biodiversity For Sustainable Development.
2014 – Island Biodiversity.
2013 – Water And Biodiversity.
2012 – Marine Biodiversity.
2011 – Forest Biodiversity
2010 – Biodiversity, Development And Poverty Alleviation.
2009 – Invasive Allen Species.
2008 – Biodiversity And Agriculture.
2007 – Biodiversity And Climate Change
2006 – Protection Biodiversity in Drylands
2005 -Biodiversity Life Insurance For Our Changing World.

These days are celebrated with different themes. Camps related to theme are also organized so that awareness among people is brought. Which can secure Biodiversity. Because the Biodiversity system is slowly deteriorating. There are many components which is an ecosystem, it is always affected by some change.

Biodiversity includes everything from the earth like ecosystems, food webs, forests, trees and plants, fauna. These are all parts of Biodiversity that continue to influence it. For example, if any organism or forest is in a crisis situation, then it also affects other things in the environment.

It has both positive and negative effects on the environment. Therefore these changes are not considered normal. Biodiversity has been considered as the main component of this solarium planet. Due to these reasons, Earth is also called Green Planet.

International Day for Biological Diversity always gives a positive thought to everyone for their biodiversity. Because it is difficult to preserve until people know and understand the biodiversity. These days are celebrated to protect the biodiversity system. Because it is human society that is causing its damage. As the animals are slowly dying, the forests are being cut, etc. These are the causes of ecosystem change.

There are many countries involved in the field of biodiversity, including India. So far 17 countries are included in this list. The names of the countries involved in it are – Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, USA, Venezuela etc. All these countries are included on the basis of different biodiversity, in which the conservation of organisms is kept. Many such sanctuaries have been built in India which are currently protecting the forest and wildlife.

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