International Dance Day 2021

International Dance Day
International Dance Day

29 April is celebrated every year across the World as a ‘International Dance Day’. This day is celebrated to promote the art and culture of dance among the World. This is celebrated to raise the awareness among the endangered customs of dance. This day is celebrated to define the favorability and value to art of Dance. 

This day is important for the dancers or who love dancing. However this art had given rise to the other profession and way to earn livelihood. The Dance day is associated with every form of dance not particulars. This day is celebrated to create the favorability of dancing among the public or society.

This day had created the global value of the art of dance among the people. This day is introduced by the Dance committee of the International theatre institute. This was defined under the organization of ‘UNESCO’ (United Nation Educational , Social and cultural organization).

This day considers the people about the importance , values and advantages of the dance. This day focuses on the unfavorability and mindset of people regarding this art of dance and measure to solve or assert . This day is associated with education , acknowledging the people about the activity of dance.

This day promotes the activity with the encouragement for participation and develops this as a hobby. This day provides value and respect for the dancers , choreographers and dance students. This day is celebrated to wake up the government , politicians and institutions of the need and value of this art (dance).

This day is associated with the programmed schedules such as events , programs and campaigns. This day refers to the wide variety of dance performances measures with the different style and unique format. This day also claims for the obstacle regard with the development of this art.

The Program is not conducted with the dance performance but the speeches and presentations. The Program is ruined by the top level dancers and students in an effective and efficient manner. However the celebration is conducted not for a day but for the days.

This day encourages the people to follow the path of the dance profession or art. It is considered with the history , present and future scope. This day had given rise to subjects for events  programs such as dance events. The Final celebration of this day is known and feels as ‘Gala or great celebration’. This day lived the different culture and religions.

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