Indonesian Independence Day 2021 hd Images, Quotes

Indonesian Independence day , Every year on ‘17Aug’ Indonesian celebrates a special day as their Independence day at the annual frequency.However they got their freedom on the ‘17Aug1945’. This day is celebrated with the great pomp and shower. This day is regarded as a National Holiday in  1953 by the President of Indonesia , named ‘Sukarno’.

indonesian independence day
indonesian independence day

According to Indonesian language this is known as ‘Hari Merdeka’. On this day , They get won from the Netherlands. On this day various programs schedule , from Flag hosting to celebration. This day is celebrated to salute , thank and respect the martyrs who were suffering the war of Independence. This day is celebrated in honor of national heroes and heroines who had dreamed for independence.

This day is celebrated in education institutions , organizations (Private and Governments). This day celebration involves the parades , community gatherings , plays , adults and children , awards and rewards. This is celebrated as tribute to the freedom fighters and their families.

This day also includes the competitions or programs of who were celebrated from the traditions such as Fruit hanging , pinang tree , crackers crush. This day is celebrated with emotions such as happiness , joy , respect , innocence , caring , love , purity and Motivation.

This day attaches with our country and people and proceeds for the togetherness and belonging.This day is marked as a special and important day for the people of Indonesia. The National Flag of Indonesia is known as ‘Sang Saka Merah putih’, which comprises the stripes of red and white color.

  • Red Color of courage.
  • White color of Purity.

This day is associated with the histories and sacrifices. This day has seen many wars , crises , miserable sounds and red rivers. The Main and Official ceremony takes place at the ‘Merdeka Place’. On this day special discounts and sales are considered in the Malls and Market.

This day takes place for the informal and formal celebration. This day celebrates their freedom and happiness. This day focuses on the security and protection of Indonesian people.The Aim of this day celebration to overcome the people from the under ruled incident and provides them happy and respected life.

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