Indian Navy Day 2021 Theme, hd Images, Quotes, 4 December

Wishing you Very Happy Indian Navy Day!!!

Indian Navy

Indian Navy is an arm of Indian armed forces who is protecting and securing India from the attacks of other countries. Indian Navy is listed among the one of powerful armed forces.

indian navy day
indian navy day

Indian Navy formed on the ‘5th of September’ during 1612. Indian Navy was introduced by the British East India Company and fought for the marine attacks. Indian Navy is formed to protect the boundaries of India in water areas from water attacks.

Indian Navy is formulated to overcome the burden of army forces. Indian Navy is formatted to operate the defense projection against the danger operations. Indian Navy has the responsibility to safeguard the boundaries of the marine area of India.

Indian Navy Day

Indian Navy Day is also known as ‘Bharatiya Samundari Divas’. Indian Navy Day is a special event day celebrated in the national boundaries. Indian Navy day is celebrated on every year of ‘4th December’. Indian Navy day is celebrated at the annual frequency. 

Indian Navy Day was introduced in the year of 1971. In the Year of 1971 , during the operation of Trident, Indian Navy day was celebrated under the apprivela of Indian Government terms and conditions.

Indian Navy day is celebrated in the honor of navy army forces. Indian Navy day is celebrated as tribute to the navy forces who are working in water for their country (Bharat Mata) and their people. Indian Navy day is celebrated in the memory of martyrs in the Indo Pakistan War.

Indian Navy day is celebrated to bring the focus of the people on another armed forces who is insuring the area of marine boundaries of India. Indian Navy day is celebrated to educate the people about the importance and value of navy forces for India.

Indian Navy day is celebrated to bring attention to the government towards the navy forces. Attention of Government for Navy forces means to initiate the welfare of Navy forces and introduces policies which help them and their families.

Indian Navy Day Celebration

Indian Navy day is celebrated in grand form. On Indian Navy day , various functions took place such as music , dance , plays , drams , speeches and competitions. On Indian Navy day , people are honored with awards or rewards who worked for India and make it proud.

On Indian Navy day , varieties of personalities came to address the Indian Navy and consider conferences , campaigns and rallies to promote the prestige of Navy forces.On Indian Navy day , people known with the many new facts and atmosphere of navy forces.

On Indian Navy day , major two programs hold ritority and excitement.One is of Navy Parades in various forms of Male and Female. Second Indian Navy forces show their performance in water by practicing their water tanks machineries,

Indian Navy day is celebrated in the respect of India , this force has been formatted by India. Indian Navy day celebrations represent the love and care of the armed force for their India country and their people.

Indian Navy day celebration is a step for the development of navy forces and India. Indian Navy Day celebration is celebrated in the form of National festival , in which the National Anthem is sung and Flag hostess.

Indian Navy Day Quotes

Indian Navy day is a special day which aims to bring attention to people and government towards the navy armed forces and their hard work selflessly for their country and their ones. To Make this day , more attractive and attentive , message and special type of celebration of Indian Navy day consider in form of Quotes , they are as follows:

  • “A Country can fight from any attacks if their guards had a love and care for their country like Mother for their Son. Happy Indian Navy Day!!!”
  • “ We are Together , can step from sea to Land and with a strong navy”. Happy Indian Navy Day!!
  • “Let’s come together and salute all men and women who are working in the Navy to protect us from the attacks” . Happy Indian Navy Day!!
  • “We are safe from the Water boundaries of India , Due to our proactive Navy”. Happy Indian Navy Day.

Indian Navy Day 2019 

Indian Navy Day 2019 was tribute to the current navy forces of India. Indian Navy day 2019 motive to safeguard the lives of navy forces and their families lives. Indian Navy day 2019 is considered in grand form and focuses on hidden issues of navy forces facing in their working and living.

Indian Navy Day 2019 considers to introduce the new policies and rights of navy forces.Indian Navy day 2019 appreciates all those navy personnel who worked hard. Indian Navy Day 2019 is observed to initiate the welfare and better atmosphere for the navy forces.

Indian Navy Day 2019 theme

Indian Navy Day 2019 was projected on theme which made the day memorable and respectful. Indian Navy Day 2019 theme was “Indian Navy :Silent , Strong and Swift”.

Indian Navy Day 2019 theme means appreciating Indian Navy and their work. Indian Navy day 2019 theme considers the Indian Navy is cooperated and peaceful , powerful and quick force which action in seconds.

Indian Navy 2019 theme defines the qualities of navy forces. Indian Navy day 2019 addressing the benefits of navy forces and character of navy indicual.Indian Navy Day 2019 theme defining the navy forces and their army people.

Indian Navy Day 2020

Indian Navy Day 2020 will focus on the current condition of India. Indian Navy day 2020 would not consider many people. Indian Navy day 2020 step for the navy people who work without any expectation with the country and their people.

Indian Navy Day 2020 would give salute to all martyrs who had sacrificed their life in the navy for India. Indian Navy day 2020 is for all the strugglers (navy forcers people) who are unknown to the people.

Indian Navy day 2020 who are involved in many operations of the navy army to save their Marine boundaries of India.Indian Navy day 2020 will be projects on theme. There theme is a special combination of words which means for Indian Navy force and the country people.

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