How to Remove Holi Colour 2022

How to Remove Holi Colour

Holi is a festival of colors. We all play it with colors. But after playing with color, color sticks on our body and skin. How to remove this color It is very difficult to remove the color of Holi. Sometimes they cause skin infections and allergies.

Holi’s color contains many chemicals and elements, which makes our skin dry and hair too tangled. To avoid this, sometimes do not play Holi out of fear. We also like Holi but due to such reasons we do not even meet our friends on the day of Holi.

How to Remove Holi Colour
How to Remove Holi Colour

First of all, Holi should be played with good colors and natural colors. Holi colors should be such that it is easily removed and there is no skin infection also. Along with the color skin, our clothes, shoes, hair, nails are also applied. For this, the color can be removed in different ways like –

Today we are here to remind you of the colors of Holi. What things can easily remove the color of Holi? We all have to take a little care so that we do not have any such infections or allergies.

How to remove Holi color from Hair

Caster and Olive Oil (Hair)

Caster and olive oil should be applied in hairs well before playing with color. Heat the oil well and massage it in the head and hair. Holi should be played only after this. With this, the color of hair can be easily removed. Also, hair will not get tangled by this. This allows the color to be easily hatched and also not dyed.

If this oil is not found, then any other oil can be used. They remove the Holi color from the screen. The oil color did not stick. It is very easy and does not take much time.

Egg yolk and Curd (Hair)

Breaking the egg from its yellow pulp. After this mix it with curd. Keep it in the hair for at least 45 minutes. After that wash the head. This will make hair shine and silk. By doing this, there is no harmful effect of color in the hair and head skin and neither does the hair break.

Mustered Oil (Hair)

It is better to use oil before playing Holi, but if you forget to do so then there is nothing to worry about. To remove the color of Holi, Mustard Oil is applied before taking a bath to play Holi. Massage this oil into the hair. After this, shampoo and conditioner the hair thoroughly. This will not damage the hair as well as shine.

Coconut Milk (Hair)

Coconut milk is a natural product. The color of Holi can be easily removed from it. Apply this coconut milk well to the hair. After this, keep it for a while .. Then wash it thoroughly with shampoo. This also makes the color very easily and there is no damage to hair. This will make hair silky and shine.

How to remove Holi color from Nails

Dark Nail Paint (Nails)

Apply the dark nail paint on the nails before playing Holi. This does not put color on the nails. Nail pans can be removed with nail remover. Color does not stick to nail paint.

Nail Paint Remover(Nails)

To remove Holi color from the nail, apply nail paint remover to cotton balls. This will remove color from nails in a while. It is easy and does not take long.

How to remove Holi color from Face

Moisturizer (Skin)

Moisturizer should be applied on face and skin well before playing Holi color. This removes color easily. The skin color does not have any harmful effect on the skin. It does not cause any infection nor allergy. Whatever color of Holi is easily removed by applying the moisturizer.

Apply Foundation (Face)

The foundation should be applied well before playing Holi on the face. The skin of the face is very soft. It is important to take special care of this.

Apply Vaseline (Skin/Face)

Vaseline is oily. It can be easily applied on the skin. A good message should be applied on the skin before playing Holi.

Apply Wheat flour & Pearl Millet (Skin / Face)

If you do not get cooler after playing Holi, you can use Wheat Flour and Pearl Millet. This allows the color to easily hatch. Help in removing the color of Holi.

Apply Face Scrub (Face)

A good scrub scrub can also be used to remove the color of Holi from the face. Put it on the process touch. After this, massage on the face. This will remove the color and make the skin soft.

Curd and Gram flour (Face)

Make yogurt and paste to remove facial color. Apply it on the face and give a little massage. This will remove the color and will also kill the dead skin. Because it is natural, it will not cause any allergy and infection on the skin.

How to remove Holi color from Body

Multani mitti (Skin)

Multani soils are also better to remove the color of Holi. Make multani soils address. Mix it with water, honey. Now apply it on the body. This will cause a color hat. If the color is still not breaking then add a little bleach powder and apply.

Glycerine (Skin)

Before playing Holi, apply glycerine on the skin properly. It will not cause any color infection or allergy. Glycerine is easy to use. No matter what color it is, skin does not look permanent. Played Holi after applying it. After playing Holi, wash your body well. The color will be removed.

How to remove Holi color from Shoes

It starts when we play Holi. There are some colors that stick on the shoes and become spots of color. These stains do not go away easily. They are spoiled. So how to remove holly color from shoes.

Wash with detergent (Shoes)

If the shoes are colored and have to be cleaned. Soak them in well-detergent water first. After this rub them well. After that wash them with clean water. This will remove the color .

Use Vinegar (Shoes)

Vinegar can be used to remove color stains from shoes. Wherever there is color, clean it with Vinegar. Vinegar can be applied in a cotton ball or brush. Rub lightly with it. Now the shoes will be cleaned with a clean cloth.

Nail paint remover (Shoes)

Nail paint remover can be used with cotton balls. If Holi color is applied on the shoes, then they can be cleaned from it. It will easily become a color hat and the jute will be cleaned.

Bleach, baking soda (Shoes)

Bleach and baking soda can be used to remove color stains from the jute. Mix both baking soda and bleach together in water. Now apply this paste on the shoes. Later clean the shoes thoroughly with a clean cloth. If it is cleaned, the color stains will go away.

Baking soda with vinegar (Shoes)

Make baking soda and vinegar paste by mixing the two together. Now apply it on the colored jute. This paste will be easily soaked with cotton balls. Or you can apply it with the help of a brush. With this, the junk will be cleared.

How to remove Holi color from Cloths

While playing Holi, the clothes are colored. They are not easily cleaned. Due to this, the clothes become rough and colorless. For this, how can the colors of Holi be removed? How to remove them easily, below are some ways which are helpful.

White Vinegar

If the clothes have become dirty due to colors of Holi, then they can be cleaned with white vinegar. Wherever the color is stained, put Vinegar on it. Now rub it a little bit. After this, wash the cloth with clean water. The color stains will go away.


With the help of bleach, paint stains can be removed from the clothes easily. If the clothes have become dirty while playing Holi, clean them with bleach powder. First put the bleach powder in water. Now apply this paste on the cloth. Clean them where there are colored stains. After a while it will be washed with clean water.


Vanish is a good product that is easily found at shops. Color-clothed clothes can be cleaned easily. Wherever it is colored, it should be rubbed a little after applying it. Now keep it for a while. After that, clothes washed with clean water will be cleaned.


Colored clothes can also be cleaned with a toothbrush. Apply a paste with the help of a brush wherever the color spots are present. Now rub it a little bit. After that wash it with clean water. This will not spoil the clothes and will be cleaned quickly.

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