Happy World Smile Day 2021 Quotes, hd Images, 1 October

World Smile day is a day celebrated across the Globe every year of ‘2nd of October’. World Smile day is an one day event celebrated at the annual frequency. This day continues to the normal schedule with celebration. World Smile is celebrated on the same day of Gandhi Jayanti and International Day of Non violence.

 happy smile day
happy smile day

According to History , World Smile day was introduced in 1999 which continues the celebration of Smile..Harvey Ball idea for that one day of year should be devoted to smiles.  However , the Massachettus in 1963 has introduced the smiley face which is a sign of goodwill and cheer. After the Death of Harvey Ball in 2001 , the World Smile foundation was introduced in the memory of Harvey and to honor his great personality.

World Smile Day is a day dedicated to the emotion of happiness and joy. Smile day is a day break from the worries and problems , actually from mental problems (mainly). Smile day is celebrated to forget the issues of life and dedicated to cheer and fun. This day helps in overcoming many mental problems such as depression , sadness and negativity etc. 

The Need of World Smile day as people are considered with their normal schedule which makes them busy and surrounded with pressure of life. The Need arises when the people forget the atmosphere of happiness and joy , and remain in agnerness and their world of emotion. World Smile day needs to rise when people are suffering from health issues.

The Purpose of World Smile day has overcome the health issues.This day has considered the emotion of happiness among them by showing the benefits.This day overcomes the rude and negative environment from the atmosphere of love and positivity. World Smile day considers people together and adds means to a life.

World Smile day is celebrated to spread the meaning of Smile. World Smile day is celebrated to focus people to continue their work but add goodwill and cheer in it which projects normal work into special and goodness.World Smile day is celebrated to change the normal busy schedule life into happy schedule life.

World Smile day is celebrated to joy the spirit of smiles. However , Smiley face doesn’t belong to any caste and creed , it only belongs to emotion of happiness and fun. World Smile day had meaning for smiles and their (happy and smiley) faces. This day is celebrated to make smiles on our faces and others too.

World Smile day is celebrated to make the feel of happiness and share good memories with others. This day is celebrated to realize happiness and joy in our lives.World Smile day is a day to ensure smiles on faces. On this day , people motivate with their life and disperse negative and dark thoughts which lead to smiles on faces , known as smiley faces.

World Smile day is celebrated in more than 60 countries of World Together. On this day , major personalities of each country came up at one place and celebrated this (World Smile day) social day.To celebrate World Smile day many programs , functions , events and campaigns organized to make it special and valued.

World Smile day is distributed to those personalities who make smiles on other faces and helps in making smiley faces across the World. On this day , personalities meet and discuss to take measures which smile and shine the faces of people which helps in an easy and happy life. World Smile day is a day to stand from the obstacles of life by considering them with a smile.

World Smile day is set of goodness as it exists to commit the smiley faces. On this day , many holidings smiles in the form of smiley faces to show the importance of a smile in life. On these , many people cartoon their faces smiley and happy to show the joy of World Smile day. This day gives a new beginning to the people.This day motivates to start the new phase of life with new plans and smiley faces.

Smiley faces are considered with two eyes and upward curve line with yellow background which gives joy and happiness to the heart which automatically smiles on faces. These faces are signs of good luck or good fortune. These faces force people to make their faces smile as it is so joyful and cheered.

World Smile day celebrated by practicing the smiley cards , smiley certificates etc. On this day , people consider charity and donations work which make this day more meaningful. People make charity donations because they help in solving the problems of those which are being rejected by society due to their conditions.This makes smiles on their faces which means to celebrate World smile day actually.

World Smile day is one day of year in which people are aware towards this special phase of emotion but this emotion of happiness or face of smile to be considered throughout the year which schedules life with smiley faces. World Smile day is projected to spread happiness among the world by committing small things in their surroundings which help a day to commit their goal.

World Smile day is a theme programmed event. World Smile day 2019 theme was to consider more number of smiley faces not projected or decorated but the actual face of smile. World Smile day 2019 motto had achieved their goal to make smiley faces which joyed the planet of Earth.World Smile day 2019 celebration had given their values of smiley.

World Smile day 2020 would be more good and cheerful which considers smiles on faces and hearts.World Smile day 2020 theme would be projected in a small phase for smile but means a lot leads to good moments. This theme is another example of peace and non violence among the people.

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