Happy Vishwakarma Pooja 2021 hd Images, Wishes and Quotes

Vishwakarma Puja is an Hindu traditional festival celebrated in India. Vishwakarma puja is also known as ‘Vishwakarma Jayanti’. On this day , people remember Vishwakarma. This Pooja is practiced on their birth anniversary. This day is celebrated to honor and worship the hindu god and divine architecture.

vishwakarma pooja
vishwakarma pooja

This is an Hindu festival. However the Vishwakarma is considered a creator of World. He was the person who created the city of ‘Dwarka’ where Lord Krishna Ruled and ‘Maya Sabh’ for Pandavas. He is the creator of weapons for God and Goddess. He was a Good carpenter which is mentioned in Rig veda and many other vedic books.

He was known as Greatest Scientist and architect. He was known as the son of Lord Brahma who had created this World.This festival is celebrated according to the hindu calendar …in Indian Bhado Month. This festival falls on the Last day of Bhadra.This festival is majorly celebrated in the states such as West Bengal , Uttar Pradesh , Tripura , Karnataka , Assam , Jharkhand and Odisha.

This festival had an annual frequency. This festival is awaited by the people every year.According to the Gregorian calendar , this festival is celebrated in the month of September. This festival is also celebrated in our neighbouring countries such as Nepal. This festival is generally offered in Business , shops and houses. This day is not marked for the artichture and scientific community or phase but by artisans , factory workers , labourers etc.

On this day , people worship Vishwakarma puja and wish for the safe and well conditions of their work and livelihood. On this day , workers pray for the prosperity and success in their work. On this day , people worship their work and their daily use of tools such as machinery. This day is celebrated in the form of gathering.

On this day , special statues and pictures of Vishwakarma are practiced in business , shops and traders. However , the Vishwakarma is considered as Lord. This day is celebrated after Diwali along with Goverdhan Pooja. This day brings happiness , joy , spirit and understanding.

In 2020 , this day is celebrated on ‘16th of September’. This day is Hindu official holiday. On this day , religious and cultural valued celebrations take place. This day is a feast day. This day is considered auspicious day by the hindu …He was known as the official builder of God.

He was known as Supreme of God and as an attribute of Indra and the Sun. He had built holy things in the world. On this day , people offer special pooja and devotional work to impress the Creator of the World. This day is a one day festival. This day doesn’t regard any special and particular way to celebrate.

Vishwakarma married a woman named Gayatri. He had two daughters named Sanjana and Brahismati. Later on his daughter ..Sanjana married Lord Surya. On this day , people remember Vishwakarma teachings and their speeches. He had given a lot to the World. He was involved in the creation of the World every phase.

On this day , people appoint new employees. This is a festival which celebrates the anniversary of World creation. This day pooja takes place in the early morning after Bath. On this day , pooja ghar is also decorated in a religious way. On this day , tilak is offered on the forehead of every employee as a blessing of God and successful completion of Pooja.

On this day , special events take place in business , shops , houses. On this day celebration takes place with the decoration and delicious food.On this day , people wake early and visit their organization preparing for the pooja. Before this day , shops , business practiced cleanliness in their organizations.

On this day , Lord Vishkarma fulfilled every wish of their child and blessed them with the well blessings. This day is unknown to the general community of Hindu. This is an one of Indian festival celebrated with pomp and show.On this day , puja is conducted on auspicious timing.

This pooja is conducted by the business organization to impress the Vishwakarma and request their wishes. On this day , a grand celebration takes place in the Organization and provides rewards to their employees. On this day , many devotional and spiritual activities performed such as mantras.

On this day many new works take place such as opening of new ventures , purchasing new machines and people commend the new business books with the blessings of the Vishwakarma.On this day , a special bond takes place between the Owner and employees. This day defines the variability and belief of culture and religion.

This day brings positivity , freshness , purity and responsibility in the organization and their employees.However , it is believed he shaped and managed the world schedule. On this day , people worship Vishwakarma with the Haldi , chandan , flowers, Pan , sweet , fruit etc. items which are used in the pooja in rituals of Hinduism.

He was a legendary personality. He helped the Lord Brahma to schedule the World.After Puja ‘Prasad is offered in the form of dining and packets. He was not emperor or anything…he was just a personality who had worked in creating the world. On this day , employees wish each other. This puja is also pronounced as ‘Bishwaskarma pooja’ , ‘Biswa Karma Puja ‘.

On this day , traders and Businessmen conduct the discussion and conferences to develop and expand their business. On this day , new strategies and ideas committed to manage and develop the business and organization. This day had value in the field of Business. However he had worked for the Gods..on the Parvati will’s they had created Golden Lanka.

Vishwakarama was a divine personality. On this day , people became the fancy Vishwakarma for entertainment. These Indian festivals had great value and importance in the life of Indians. They are always under the beliefs , stories and reason. They all are celebrated under the assurance of Hindu Calendar.

  Wishing you a very happy Vishwakarma Jayanti!!!

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