Happy Vishu festival 2021 hd Images, Wishes and Quotes

Vishu is an Indian Traditional festival celebrated in India every year. This festival is majorly celebrated in Kerala , Tamil Nadu , Karnataka and union territory of Pondicherry. On this day Religious and Traditional holiday takes place. This festival is celebrated with the religious celebration. 

This festival is celebrated in India in every part of the state but in different forms and different names.In Punjab , it is celebrated as ‘Baisakhi’. In Assam , it is celebrated as ‘Bihu’. This festival is considered the New Year of Malayalam , Kerala. This festival is celebrated with the colorful rituals.

From the scientific belief , on this day the Sun changes his Direction and rises in the East. According to Vedic belief , King Ravna had not allowed Lord Sun to rise in the east after the Death of King Ravna the sun began to rise in the East direction.

This day is celebrated with the returning of Lord Surya. In Malyali tradition , Sun transit into Meda Rassi. This day is marked as an astronomical Year. On this day , people worship lord Vishnu and their incarnation Lord Krishna and wishes well for them. From this day , the day schedule equals day and night.

This day is a special and auspicious day. This is a day of Joy , happiness , spirit , love and cheerfulness.On this day , Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya came on the Earth to bless their children. This day is celebrated in a unique manner as per their rituals and tradition.

On this day , special food preparation and decoration takes place.On this day , people exchange their wishes , greetings and gifts. It is believed that this day brings prosperity and success in the life of people. On this day , people take early baths and wear new traditional clothes.

This festival is also known as ‘Vishukkani’. On this occasion , people read many holy books such as Ramayana , Mahabharata etc. On this day , special ceremonies take place such as Puja’s etc. It is believed to wake up early and  go to a puja room with eyes closed and see the god and Goddess picture. This festival ritual is known as ‘Kanikanal’.

In small villages , Men and Women wear dried Banana leaves, skirts and masks on their face. On this day , people visit other houses in which they give their performance in return they get their reward in the form of money.On this day , popular dishes are practiced which are ‘Veppam Poo Rasam’ , ‘Kanji’ ,  ‘Mambazha Pachadi’.

This festival is celebrated with the family , friends and loved ones. This is a one day festival. This festival is awaited by the people every year.The Vishu feast is known as ‘Sadya’. On this day , Good Harvest is considered. On this day , the ritual of giving coins is popular. This festival lies in one of the most popular festivals in India.

This festival connects the people with their culture and religion. On this day , official holidays are granted in some states. On the day , people perform light decorations such as lights , lamps. On this festival fireworks and cracker work perform more than Diwali festival.

On this day , people thank Lord Surya and Lord Vishnu for their life. This festival makes stronger bonds between the family because the whole gathering celebrates this festival. On this day , it is believed that this is a good day to start new work such as opening a new venture , purchasing of new vehicles or machines etc.

It is believed that on this day , Lord Krishna had killed the demon Narakasura.This festival is a sign of victory over evil. This festival is celebrated to define the people’s religious history , scientific theory and Indian values. This day is celebrated with the belief that it will bring luck and prosperity in Year.

In this festival , There is a tradition of buying new dresses because on this day framing was the main source of income. On this day good harvesting takes place which commits good income. In today’s scenario changed , but people ebut new dresses on this day.In this festival , there is a tradition of touching feets of their elders and taking blessings from them.

On this day , Good harvest is arranged in Uruli. Uruli contains fruits , vegetables etc. The Word ‘Vishu’ derived from the Sanskrit language which means Equal….from this day equal day and night start.This is an not just an festival but an special day for the people.This festival provides value to the local artist..there economic development.

This Indian festival is a major attraction for Tourists. From these festivals they got attracted and visited India. This helps in the development of our country and their people. On this day , many people perform charity and donations work to describe humanity and their existence in today’s scenario.

 People begin the preparation of this festival before 10 to 15 Days. On this day , local or online markets offer a great deal of offers , discounts and skims. On this various public places are crowded such as Markets , temples etc. This day organizes big and small gatherings.

On this day , traditional chandanam and sandal paste on their forehead as a blessing of god. On this day , there is a great crowd of devotees in some temples such as Sabarimala , Guruvayur. The tradition of Giving money to youngsters is known as ‘VishuKaineetam’.

This festival is a spring festival that falls in late march and early april. In the night , fireworks celebration takes till the morning.On this Malayali banquet is prepared in which banana chips , curries , rice and other items are served on the banana leaves.

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