Vasant Panchami 2021 hd Images, Quotes

Vasant Panchmi is a special occasion celebrated in India.This festival has religious and cultural value.This festival is celebrated in the month of ‘Magha’( according to Hindu calendar) the month of January or February (according to Gregorian calendar). This festival took the celebration in the format of religious and cultural manner.

vasant panchami photo
vasant panchami photo

This festival is celebrated in the memory of Goddess Saraswati.On this day , people worship Goddess Sarswati who is known as master of Knowledge , art , music and dance.This festival draws attention towards the season times.This festival marks the beginning of spring season.

This festival marks the preparation of the festival of colors..Holi. On this festival , a major celebration took place of Kite Flying.This festival is also spelled as ,’Basant Panchmi’.This festival is also known as ,’Spring festival and Saraswati Puja’. On this day , special programs were scheduled in educational institutions , offices or businesses such as competitions , plays , dance and dramas.

vasant panchami in english
vasant panchami in english

This day holds a special priority and significance in the life of devotees of Goddess Saraswati , Knowledge , art , music and art. This day defines the ending of the Winter season.On this day , people perform special pujas and chants of Goddess Saraswati.After the puja’s in return prasad is offered to the people in the form of Goddess Blessings.

 It is believed that Goddess Sarwati came on the Earth to bless their children on this day.On this day , many people visit temples and perform donations.This event is celebrated equal to festivals.On this day , with the celebration decoration and delicious food practice.On this day , people wear yellow clothes for two reasons:

vasant panchami images
vasant panchami images
  • Due to reiping  of mustard fields.
  • It is the favourite color of Goddess Sarswati.

This festival celebrates the agricultural fields.On this day , harvesting of Mustard fields.Spring season is a King of All seasons.On this day , the environment becomes peace , happy , joy and sweet.This festival is observed by the various communities in India such as Hindu’s , Jains and Sikh’s.

This festival is celebrated at the annual frequency.Generally in some states this day is considered a day off for the educational institutions , offices and business.On this day , the view of morning gives motivation and positiveness.This festival falls in the times of full bloom.

vasant panchami in hindi
vasant panchami in hindi

This festival is known in different parts in different manners such as In southern states , this is known as ,’Sri panchami’ , In Islands of Bali known as ,’Hari Raya Saraswati’.On this day , people also worship God of Health and Goddess of Wealth.On this day , agricultural field of mustard it similar with heaven.

On this day , devotional and spirituality among the occasion.This day is known as the Great day of Goddess Saraswati.On this day , people bath with the paste of neem leaves and turmeric according to hindu belief.On this day , after worshiping Goddess Saraswati Prasad is offered to people as their blessing.

On this day , many people request Goddess Sarswati to grant their wish.On this day , people greet or wish each other for their future and present.This day had a grand celebration.On these days , Goddess Sarswati is decorated with flowers and new clothes , jewellery.In 2021 , this festival would be celebrated on ,’16th of Feb’.

Every year people wait for this festival.Spring season is the mid of winter and the start of summer.This season is known as local season or spring times.On this day  many people practice their new work such as opening new art schools etc.Vasant panchmi is in local as Vasant ritu.

This day is an auspicious day because on this day Goddess of Knowledge , art and music was born.Goddess Saraswati is also known as ‘Veena Vadini’.She is an wife of Lord Brahma.In the World she introduced the art , music and knowledge.She is an one of major popular Goddess.

Her physical appearance attracts the person , she is wearing the white saree with crown head , in one hand lotus , second hand in veena , third hand she has a book and fourth hand she is giving blessings to their children or devotees.Her face is glowing with the special shine with a smile.

She is involved in creating the World.She is an Goddess of Education and knowledge.Vasant panchmi is symbol of , ‘Knowledge over the power and ignorance’.On this day , yellow flowers , sweets offered to Goddess Saraswati.On this day , people performs donations or charity such as offering poor child education etc.

This festival is introduced by Lord Kamdev’s wife.This had a story behind it.Kamdev Wife had continuously forty days penance for Lord Shiva , after the Lord Shiva became happy and gave her husband lives.In India occasions/Festival celebration had reason or belief or story behind it.

The Word ‘Vasant Panchmi’ is a combination of two words which had a special meaning behind it.The First Word , ‘Vasant’ which refers to the Kites and second word ,’Panchmi’ means fifth day.Due to this festival of kites is celebrated on the fifth day of month magha.

On this day , Earth becomes heaven because it seems and feels like the same.This day defines the meaning and value of education and agriculture in the life of people.This occasion connects the people with historic beliefs and stories which had spiritual expression.These Indian festivals and occasions are the major attraction of tourists.

Wishing you a very Happy Vasant panchmi , May Goddess Sarswati shower their blessing and love on you!!

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