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Ugadi is a traditional Indian festival.This festival is also known as ‘Yugadi , Samvatsaradi’. This festival is majorly celebrated in the states of Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This festival is celebrated as ‘New Year’ in these states. This festival falls in the month of Chaitra (according to Hindu calendar)…in the month of March or April (according to the Gregorian calendar).

On this day , religious and cultural celebration took place.On this day , a great grand celebration took place.This festival is celebrated at the annual frequency. This festival is related to Mesha sankranti and Gudi padwa.In 2021 , this festival would be celebrated on 13th of April.

On this day , with celebration decoration and delicious food is cooked.In  decoration , people make colorful rangolis known as ‘Kolam mulus’ , mango leaves were decorated on doors as ‘Toran’. On this day , delicious food ‘Panchadi’ is cooked.The preparation of this festival starts before 10 to 15 days.

happy ugadi images
happy ugadi images

On this day , people buy new clothes.On this day , people visit temples and practice charity and donation functions to help poors and make other festivals memorable and good.On this day , people buy gifts for their dear ones and wish to greet each other.In telangana and Kannada , people believed that the New year will be like panchodi food some sweet , sour , salty and bitter.

This festival possesses special significance in the life of people.From ancient times , this festival is celebrated with the rituals and particular manner which exists till now.On this day , Ugadi Pachadi pooja takes a special privilege…special pooja and chants were recited.

The Word ‘Yugadi’ derived from the sanskrit times and combination of two words.The First word , ‘Yuga’ means age and the second word ,’adi’ refers to the beginning.The Combination of words refers to the ‘beginning of New Age’.Before this day celebration , people cleans their houses , business or offices.

On this day , mango leaves and coconut play a crucial role as is mentioned in Hindu scriptures. On this day , people wake up early and take ritual baths by rubbing the body with perfumed oil. This festival is a one day festival. On this day , in some states this is considered a day off for people.

On this festival , one day holiday people plan to visit their family , friends and dear ones to celebrate this festival with them. On this day , people celebrate their day in a unique and different manner.It is a symbol of humanity , forgiveness. On this day , people forget their previous and begin their new life by lessening or moral from their previous years mistakes.

This day is considered as an auspicious day because it brings new hope , new journey and new beginning.On this day , people commences their new beginning such as opening of new ventures , houses and purchasing.On this day , people forget their pains and worries and celebrate this festival with happiness and love. This festival celebration changes these worries and pains into positivity and happiness.

These Indian festivals define the value and importance of family , friends and dear ones. This brings attachments and belonging among the people. These festival describe about the historic events.These Indian festivals describe the enrichment and prosperity of India,

On this day , people wish for the World. Because of these days , Indian economic development takes place and local artists and their art get appreciated.These festivals are the major attraction of Tourists.This day marks the beginning of spring season and ending of Winter season.

On this day people practice devotional and spiritual function. On this day , many people request their wish grant .It is believed that God and Goddess came on the earth to celebrate this festival with their child and bless them. This festival brings happiness , peace , joy , fun , spirit and motivation among the environment and their people.

This festival helps in capturing the memories and creating moments. On this day , people manage their new beginning in efficient methods. On this day , people remind their elders who had slept in the lap of God. This festival is also known as south Indian festival.

This Indian festival is celebrated according to Hindu month.These festival doesn’t pose a special fixed date.On this festival , markets and holiday venues are crowded. These Indian festivals had special significance behind the occasion celebration in that particular manner.

This day provides an opportunity to thank your dear ones and loved ones.This day is to recall your mistakes and practice it correctly if possible and if not then get a lesson from it.This is the best opportunity to express your feelings and praise them.This festival brings unity among the people.

On these days , people search for the best gifts and wishes which are practically correct.But according to emotional values they don’t want any wishes or gifts but their love and concern for them would be enough for them. It is said the festival celebration is incomplete without their presence of dear ones ..interest and excitement become darker or less.

On this festival , you should be with your dear ones and make this festival celebration excitement and interest double and delighted.Wishing you and your loved ones Happy Ugadhi..enjoy your day !!!

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