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The Word ,’Shigmo’ is derived from the Konkani festival which means for Prakrit , In sanskrit it means for ‘Sugrishmaka’.There is a belief behind the name of the festival.

Shigmo is an Indian traditional festival.This festival is majorly celebrated in Goa.Shigmo is also known as ,’Shishirotava’. On this day , religious and cultural celebration is practiced.This day is considered a day off in Goa and some nearby states.

This festival is majorily celebrated by the Indian hindu community and konkani diaspora.This festival is marked during the spring season.This festival is celebrated nearby the festival of colors ,’Holi’.This festival is celebrated according to hindu calendar in the month of “Phalguna”.

On this day , people celebrate this festival with lots of happiness , joy , fun and spirit.This festival had 5 days of celebration.On these days , people celebrate this day with many performances such as street dancing , Parade , music , plays , dramas and fancy dress etc.This festival is considered their new year.

On these days , people visit Goa and nearby to celebrate this festival.This festival attracts tourists.On this day , traditional rituals are practiced such as with the celebration traditional folk dance and music is considered.From the previous years , the government is involved in this celebration and arranges maintenance by them.

This festival is a major attraction of tourists in Goa.On these days , local arts and their artists gets and privileges in the state.These days brings economic development of state.On these days , big or small organizing took place for the local and other people’s.On this day , with the celebration decorations and delicious food is practice.

This festival celebration starts by worshiping God and their elders.This celebration is forgetting all the worries and pains and celebrating with peace and cheerfulness.This festival celebration would be doubled when it celebrated with our dear ones or family , friends etc.

People prepare for the Sigmo from the days.On this day , people wear traditional and new clothes.These days , the festival of Sigmo in Goa feels like Heaven.An special glow and smile is added to the people’s lives.On these days , markets and public zones are crowded.

This festival is divided into two parts , First one is ,’Dhakto Shigmo’ which is also known as Small Shigmo.Second one is ,’Vhadlo Shigmo’ which is also known as Big shigmo.However , the Dhakto Shigmo is celebrated by the Harvesters , farmers and rural population while the Vhaldo shigmo is celebrated by everyone together.

This festival is a sign of humanity and togetherness.This brings people closer and belonging . This festival is listed among the popular festivals.On this day , people build and paint the models of statues according to the Hindu mythology. This festival had great significance among the people of Goa and their nearby.

This festival spirit the color of celebration over the state and also in the country.This brings the country in unity.This festival defines the enrichment and prosperity of Indian and their peoples.This festival is an festival of positivity and peace.This festival is an main festival of Goa.

On these days , the shigmo parade is the main attraction of this festival.In these shigmo parades , parades are involved: Floating parade , boat parade etc. On these days , even small children don’t want the end of these festival days and their celebration.Every year people await this festival.On this day , people greet or wish each other and gifts practice is most happening.

On this festival , the celebration took place at the mostly public zones or in streets. On this day , a great crowd is involved.With this festival celebration people forget their worries and tensions.It is believed that this festival brings new hope , ideas and goals among the people.

This festival is known as the blessings of God.It is said that on these days , people visit on the Earth to overcome the darkness and ignorance from the world and bless them with the well wishes.In every house the lighten of the festival shines and is committed.This festival is considered as auspicious festival among the festival.

These days are celebrated for the good harvest which marks the good fortune and happiness among the people.This day defines the importance of festivals and agricultural fields.On this day , people perform donations and charity functions to make this festival other good and special.

This festival creates memories and stronger bonds between your people.On this day , we remember our previous year and learn a lesson from it.This is a new beginning of our life.On this day , we stand up with patience and pleasure.This festival is celebrated by the people in their different and unique manner.

These Indian festivals are celebrated according to Hindu calendar .These Indian festivals had a special reason , build and story behind it. This gives India another phase of happiness for people. This festival is also celebrated by Non Hindu community.This festival celebration is beautiful and wonderful celebration.

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