Happy Rath Yatra 2021 hd Images Quotes, 1 July

Rath Yatra is a popular festival celebrated in India. This festival is known as ,’Rath Jatra , Gosha Jatra and Chariot festival’. This festival is known as ,’Chariot’ which refers to an vehicle which is driven by two horses , used in ancient times by Kings and Queens.This is an traditional festival , which had religious and cultural value.

This day had an annual celebration.This day is majorly celebrated in Odisha , Jharkhand , West Bengal and other eastern states.This festival majorly observed by Hindu community.This festival is celebrated according to Hindu calendar on ‘Ashwin Shukla Dwitiya’ and ends on ‘Ashwin Shukla Dashmi’.

On this day , Chariots were decorated with flowers and fancy decorations in which God and Goddess (Religious Statues) are considered which mean as ‘Rath Yatra’. In these Chariots , Statues of ,’Jagannath (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) , Balabadra (his brother) and Subhadra (his sister) with the Sudarshan chakra are placed with the religious beliefs.

And these Chariots were passed within the city to celebrate this festival. From where the chariot  passes the people crowd over there to these chariots and celebrate this festival.These chariots are special and highly valued for the Hindu people , these chariots and passing ways are considered the God are passing over there and  (with this they )bless their child.

The Actual meaning of Rath Yatra according to religious beliefs is Passing the Chariots of Lord Vishnu incarnation and her family in a city with religious beliefs.On this day , many people walk with these Chariots to define their devotional feel celebration.It is believed with this Rath Yatra the God visit the Earth and lighten the world from the Darkness.

This day is celebrated with the special prayers , rituals and working. This day had special significance for the devotees of Lord Vishnu.On this day , people wear traditional dress.With the celebration and decoration , special food practice (which is traditional).

On this day , there is no official holiday.With the chariots , a police force is organized to overcome the crowd and crime.On this day , many people perform charity functions to celebrate this day for humanity. With the belief of humanity , people help many poor and needy people by considering them food to eat , money for improving their condition etc.

On this day , people visit temples to make this festival more spiritual. On this day , people request the Goddess Vishnu to grant their wish.According to Hindu culture , on this day younger people touch the feet of elders and in return elders give money/gift to youngers to make their occasion happy and special.

This day defines the prosperity of India and regard to enrichment.On this day , local art and their artists were given special identity over India. These days attracts the tourists which leads to development of India.This day defines the importance and significance of ‘Dharma , Culture and Tradition’.

This day is considered as auspicious day , because on this day God Vishnu incarnation (according to belief) visit the Earth and heals the problems into happiness and freshness.On this day , many new ventures , new houses and purchasing took place.People begin their preparation from the rath yatra before 3 to 4 days.

On this day , houses and business places were cleaned.People offer prayers to the God in their puja ghar.On this day , everyone one in the spirituality and religious theme.On this day , people remind the values and teachings of Lord Vishnu.On this day , not only the incarnation of Lord Vishnu Jagnath is worship (majorly worshiped) but their other incarnation such as Lord Krishna , Lord Ram etc.

On this day , people rhyme folk music and practice folk dance to impress the Lord Vishnu.It is believed that , The Scene of Rath Yatra provides ,’Moksh’. Rath Yatra scene is beautiful and wonderful , it is said that it provides an shine and peace to eyes but to our soul toom

To see this Rath Yatra many devotees came from the long journey.On this day , people visit public zones where the Rath Yatra passes because they enjoy this scene.Actually the Word ,’Rath Yatra’ means for the Chariots Journey.On this Chariots Were used as it is known as Vehicle of God.

This Rath Yatra gave rise to other rath yatra for different Gods too such as Rath Yatara of Mahesh , Rath Yatara of Goddess Durga which is celebrated on different days with different rituals to the cities.On these Rath Yatra incarnation of God and Goddess were worship in form of practicing statues of them and visit them to public part of city.

On this day , it is not necessary to put the statues of God and goddess in the Chariots but by commending look to the children God and Goddess is commended , this more than wonderful then statues because children are considered a blessing and incarnation of God. With these events proceeding many people offer snacks to make their yatra energy and spiritual.

This event begins from temples and visits to the heritages.To celebrate this occasion , special committees and groups were introduced to celebrate this festival in an effective and efficient way.On this day , with yatra prasad is offered in the form of blessings of gods. The Snacks and things which are offered during the Ratha yatra is considered prasad , which is known as the blessing of God.

Rath Yatra is listed among the popular celebration.On these days , it is auspicious when the rath passes from the way of their houses and business trades.It is believed that Rath passes from the way is lucky and good.Rath Yatra practices is not about the celebration but to bring the focus of people from the worries and pains  and changes into new hope and new spirit..

In 2021 , This would be celebrated on ’11 July’. Visit the Rath Yatra it will gives you pleasure and happiness.

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